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  1. darklunatic

    Swapping Out or Upgrading my PS3 Controller's Battery?

    you cant sadly unless you have a broken controller and you know how to solder but you could miss up the motherboard and lose a controller best bet is t just buy a new one
  2. just gonna say it this isnt for casual players they do this for the tournament's not for you guys to complain the hundred of players who go to tournaments well all buy this upgrade to be ready for next time and so well i im a competitive player so you can really get over it and besides anyone who is a huge SF fan already saw a shadow doll being the character just didn't know witch shadow doll from alpha it was gonna be
  3. darklunatic

    Petition: Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 To The Wii U!

    sorr flaming lea is right the reason for it not being on WII U isnt because of low demand the game lays on a system called direct x 11 and the wii u is not compatible with this system it well not be getting the game no matter what
  4. darklunatic

    MEP Audition

    no this is not my video but id like to help this person get there group started if possible there not bad at amv making i enjoy them so if you want to try out watch the video and see if you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec4qpSfKitw this person used to go to this site and is a KH fan
  5. darklunatic

    Drakengard 3

    here is an English trailer released today also includes some nice gameplay might i add to that voice acting isnt half bad
  6. friend i have returned from the dead

    1. darklunatic


      thats good how have you been and im not on often but ill replay back to any pm left for me

  7. darklunatic

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    haveing freinds to play it with well help with that game since your not a fighter fan
  8. darklunatic

    What's with people against the score 7\10?

    pleas do im a asshole by nature i thank you for that complement
  9. darklunatic

    What's with people against the score 7\10?

    they slame 9's cause cod is what a huge majority of gamers play now a days they never do cod story rating they only do the online and who is the one who said i have freedom of speech meaning a person has freedom of speech to call you what they want dont they so pleas do correct your self when responding on freedom of speech
  10. darklunatic

    What's with people against the score 7\10?

    i have no reason to rant in a post or a thread that gets no where and gets nothing done just best getting over it or keeping it to your self and most people ik don't really care about company rateing cause its useless tell you buy it and try it yourself like cod boys the games get like what 6/10 they don't care they still think its amazing don't rant about it do something about if you feel the need to rant then it must be just that important
  11. darklunatic

    What's with people against the score 7\10?

    just saying there was no real point in this thread doesnt matter what others give the game a rating of your own view of the game comes first and formost so get over and stop ranting like a child
  12. darklunatic

    Drakengard 3

    newst trailer game looks Geart to me cant wait to get a engilsh release
  13. darklunatic

    Gamestops limited edition

    gamestops site back when artbook was released did say limited edition kh 1.5 on it but they changed it now and no you can not preorder the art book they no longer have it in stock it was with the limited edition preorders
  14. some people have been wondering weather or not they well get the limited edition i also. just a few minutes ago i called and checked in on the fact that it was no longer on the website. My freind who is an employee at gamestop and has been there for a few years talked to me about it seems that if you preorded the limited edition you well get it the reason it is no longer o the site is because they ran out.
  15. darklunatic

    Sony Drones vs The Xbots

    danm! that was somewhat chessy and funny