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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. The World That Never Was Castle Oblivion Keyblade Graveyard
  2. The reason why Master Eraqus thought Terra 's Darknees was his own fault , Was because he thought he hadn't trained Terra properly , He thinks that he hasn't taken time to help Terra get rid of his Darkness , So thus it's his fault
  3. We are the group who will complete Kingdom Hearts games before every other fan
  4. It seems The Heartless are far stronger In The Realm Of Darkness
  5. I doubt his " Time Travel " ability , He could be an ally , Depends what happens in the future games
  6. I don't believe it , I'm just playing along
  7. Could you describe that again ? I'm not following you
  8. It's not that I have no strength in steel or fire , It's that I'm a Nobody so i don't care if this world ends
  9. If it should , They should release Kingdom Hearts 3 the week before the world ends
  10. Good find . One Sora was bad enough ...
  11. I thought of a Kingdom Hearts game that takes place after " The Xehanort Saga " : Kingdom Hearts War of Hearts A massive multiplayer online role playing game where You can make your own Characters . The plot tells of a war that happened between The Keyblade Weilders , The Heartless , The Nobodies and The Dark Keyblade Weilders . You can choose to join and play as a Keyblader , Dark Keyblader or Nobody . For PS3 only . You can have a gummi ship of your design and fly to any world you want . You'll also get to meet the main Kingdom Hearts Characters and Disney Characters . You'll get to talk with and interact with other playes around the world . Only Online Multiplayer . You can do mission and can also fight the main Kingdom Hearts cast . You can also customize your weapons , magic and elements . You can save the Light , Or conquer with Darkness , Or regain you Heart back ... The choice is yours . Whaddya think ? Don't comment and post if you don't like and hate it .
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