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  1. nomura said that the mark of mastery wont be the plot for the whole game so i think during their mark of mastery theyll be in their kingdom hearts 1 forms
  2. axel was based on reno, they got the same voice, same...everything and renos favorite drink was called ale =lea=axel
  3. maybe she freaked out and now shes in a psychatic hospital... btw i bet sora and riku got grounded for missing over a year
  4. no bad theory, but we still have to wait for more information on him
  5. at the end of the "trailer" to bbsv2 you see sora and ven disappearing like they were never there so i wanted to ask you guys what may happen and if somebody has got a good theory for this. i think that its related to the "shocking ending" of kingdom hearts 3d, cuz imo bbsv2 is between bbs and kh coded or 3d. before flaming me think of what we see in the "trailer",aqua in the realm of darkness (sometime after bbs), riku spying on xion and roxas (days), mickey in the realm of darkness (kh1), kairi with twilight town gang (kh2), ansem hiding data into sora(between com and kh2). so imo bbsv2 is there to fill gaps, im not saying its a filler its going to be awesome, but its to clear our questions what riku did while sora was sleeping or what mickey did in the RoD. but still...WTF MAKES SORA AND VEN DISAPPEAR? TIME TRAVEL???? (sorry for the bad english, im drunk cuz we took exams today, and sorrry if there is already a thread for this)
  6. ven-99 terra-41 aqua-33 xDD sora- 91 (kh2)
  7. when xigbar meets "ven" in days in german hes like "why do you always have to look at me as if i drowned your goldfish" i rofl'd on that one or when sora meets xigbar in kh2 xigbar calls him roxas and soras like "did he just call me ROXAS?!" as if it was an insult
  8. yeah i thought of that too and then remembered what axel said to roxas that namine told him that they've might got a heart.... its weird
  9. all the info bout 3d were released like 1 or 2 months ago...
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