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  1. The period of Riku's absence? No, not at all. He was referring to say, Riku during KH1, helping Maleficent collect the princesses and searching for Kairi and Sora, or in Days, what he was doing asides from spying on the Organization, or even in KH2, all of his double agent stuff, his secret meetings with Axel and Namine, etc. Hopefully. A lot of important stuff happened the year after BBS. We may have heard about it, but these are things that we're better off witnessing firsthand.
  2. Inbetween worlds (Twilight Town, Traverse Town, The World that Never Was, Mysterious Tower, etc.) are naturally able to spawn Corridors of Darkness. Mickey entered the Realm of Darkness through one from Traverse Town.
  3. These are the ones ripped from Prologus, right? ;D Love the remix of Force Your Way. That was always one of my favorite songs in FF8.
  4. Honestly, it can go either way at this point. We have don't have any confirmation as to what it is, be it a fancy message, the title of the remaining mystery game, etc. However, there are quite a few hints that it very well may be the remaining mystery game. Nomura has mentioned in the past that there were certain events that would be better for the players to experience for themselves (which makes me think of the year after BBS personally ^^), and out of the 4 stories he said he wanted to tell, the stories covering Riku's absence, and Mickey's absence, still haven't been told.
  5. It had potential, I'll give it that. Did it make good use of it? I can't say that it did. That's... all I can say without being incredibly repetitive and insulting.
  6. http://www.kh-vids.net/showthread.php?10172-Kingdom-Hearts-Another-Report-Secret-Report-XIII-Translation Nomura mentioned that he'd like to tell the story of Roxas' time in the Organization (Days), the period of Riku's absence, the period of the King's absence, and Xehanort's past (BBS). We had some bits and pieces for Riku's story and Mickey's story scattered throughout Days and coded, but not all of it.
  7. I wouldn't say nobody, just nobody we know. Some of them may have drawn the same conclusion as Riku about "the kid who left the islands for good" and assumed he found a way into other worlds after all. But anyways, technically, they're not supposed to. World order and all that. Because Master Xehanort was born there, and his story was passed down to the younger generations, like a legend of sorts, or a rumor. Terra's visions are used intentionally to show his future connection with Riku. Considering how long Terra must've been training undert Master Eraqus, I doubt he'd make a mistake like that. It's not like Riku was born with a ton of darkness in his heart. That light was Riku's. (Little pet theory of mine; feel free to ignore. I've always believed that everyone was born with a heart of pure light, except those who aren't Princesses could be corrupted by darkness over time. In this case, Riku just became more susceptible to corruption than Sora.) Um... no. o.o Yen Sid isn't Eraqus. He's not biased against the darkness, and even if he was, that shouldn't be a factor in whether or not Riku deserves to be a Master, especially considering how desperately they need Keyblade Masters right now. I don't agree at all. But that's just me.
  8. Yuna's play style reminds me of the Pokemon trainer in Brawl ^^ So I heard from someone who translated the scans from earlier this week that Tidus doesn't remember Yuna, but Yuna remembers him. Looks like it's true. And he's brainwashed.
  9. Larxene, prior to becoming a Nobody, actually had a really shitty life, from what was implied in the novels. That's why when she had power, she was such a, well, you get the idea.
  10. Assuming it is another character, I remember Nomura saying that he'd like to add both Lightning and Sazh as FFXIII reps in Dissidia, but since the gunner position is already filled by Laguna, I'd rather someone else take that spot. While Sazh is more appealing to me as a character, for gameplay, I second the Hope suggestion. It'd be fun trying to fight with a boomerang. But I'm still gonna keep hoping for a Tactics rep, no matter how low the possibilities are.
  11. There's no specific order. It's entirely possible the other way around, just more difficult.
  12. Oh, so that's what he said... Thanks!
  13. Is it bad that I found the BGM more entertaining than the actual battle? It's an interesting video, but this strategy is so overused, and quite cheap.
  14. Important data. ... Okay, we don't actually know what it is, only that Ansem put it in Sora with intent on "making it up to him." (Can't remember what the English line is though)
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