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  1. Sorry I havent been on. I arely go on here anymore, sorry bout that

    1. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      Its cool. We all go through that phase.


      Welcome back.

    2. Roxie


      Thanks but idk if im gonna stay on this site but ill think about it. :) I love being friends with all of oyu guys here and i missed ya all.

  2. Im a huge percy jackson fan lol anyone else?

  3. No i dont worry but i do go to bed late, I really dont have a bed time. I just go to bed whenever i can
  4. I need you guys' opinion: what sounds better for my pokemon book: Gemma: My Pokemon Journey or Gemma: My Pokemon Adventure

    1. AxelRoxasXionKH


      I'd go for "Gemma: My Pokemon Journy", a journey sounds longer and more like a very inspiring experience that helped you overcome fears and made you wiser, and adventure is more something happening but it sounds less,,.. I dunno, interesting I suppose. That is however, just my opinion.

    2. Roxie


      oh Ok, I'll post my book here if anyone wants to read it! :D

    3. Roxie


      or something

  5. Is Hikari Utada married? ( I think thats her right name I forget sometimes)

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    2. Roxie


      Sorry. I did Sora and it guessed after some other character.

    3. Caity


      It got Borris Johnson.



    4. Roxie
  6. Im trying to become a fan of he right now/ Im a "newb" at it lol
  7. I made my own forum but its kinda lame and bad. I will try my best to keep it better. http://graveprincessfamily.forumotion.com/

  8. Sorry for lacking of info in my Post in the forum.

  9. My character's Profile Name: Luzzly Hair: Black, long, staright, silky, hair looks kinda like the last unicorn's hair when she turned into a human in the movie The Last Unicorn but Straight and maybe longer. Eyes: Light, unuasual, not normal blue eyes, can sparkle at night arought camp fires or anywhere theres light, even in the sun, eye lashes are unique and black and usually wears no eye shadow by eye liner and mascara Lips: Perfect lips, usually wears pink or purple or sunset orange lipgloss but sometimes doesnt wear lipgloss Skin: Very light like a vampire's white skin has a glow to it. has no freckles, very clear perfect skin clothing: Wears short sleeve t-shirts and usually wears shorts. Her pajamas are leatherish cloth with fur, Sometimes her clothes have real fur on them. Personality: Very Brave, not scared of anything, smart, kind, caring, can help others problems. tough, tomboy Age: 15 Parents: They died when I was 7 Picture:(optional) Ill do the roleplay as soon as enough sign up feel free to remind me I just thought this be fun for you guys for summer
  10. Hows the roleplaying going? Annoying yet or?

  11. Has anyone seen LOL where Miley Cyrus is in it?

  12. I love my KH13 family ( all of you ) so much!

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      then your keyblade must be really strong xD

    3. Roxie


      ha ha yup I bet

    4. Roxie


      ha ha yup I bet

  13. I think I found out Camp Half Blood is real...

    1. The_eternal_nothing
    2. Roxie


      http://camphalfbloodbklyn.com/ i think thats the right sight. Its for lil kids tho. In new york.
  14. I think my mom ruined One Direction....:/

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    2. Shera Wizard

      Shera Wizard

      isnt it already ruined

    3. Marth


      There's only One Direction their going...and that's down


    4. Roxie


      I never liked One Direction anyways. Yup. Lol BitTripNano :3

  15. Should I do a Ask Roxie?

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      random...don't do this

    3. Col.Random


      Just trying to prepare Roxie for the hard questions. It can get really intense in those "Ask me" threads

    4. Roxie


      Um i dont need help preparin but thanks. I just like em :/

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