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  1. Sooo its been a very VERY long time since ive been active on here,Kingdom Hearts 3 came out alot of stuff happened life wise and going through a huge rebranding for myself but im officially back lol. 


  2. I Really To Be More Active Again Lol!


    1. Felixx


      Welcome back Mr. Ninja



      I'm relatively new here, but a warm welcome back all the same :)

    3. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun


      *Welcome intensifies*

  4. payed off my Copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Now the wait begins

  5. All this Kingdom Hearts Goodness and Imma go broke

  6. World of Final Fantasy releases in 13 Days in America i decided to not buy Xenoverse 2 Cause thre is more DLC Available

    1. KairiKeybasH


      I really want that game so badly...

    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      I just preordered yesterday! It looks good

  7. Cant Wait for that 2.8 Trailer to drop tomrrow

    1. -Justin-


      Me neither. It's gonna be freaking awesome. :D

    2. Moochieh32


      I hope for new music track, or at least a remade track. Hearing new KH music is like refilling life in your ears.

  8. FF15's Demo was godly!!! holy!!!

    1. youyousuf
    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      preordered that baby cant wait for it.

    3. youyousuf


      Enjoy, may the wait not be painful.

  9. havent been active so much as i should god work is demanding

  10. just bought myself a wii u and mad excited for it

  11. 20 something more days til Naruto Storm 4 im hyped!!!

    1. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      SO HYPE!! The storm games are how I get the story since I'm too lazy to watch the anime so this will end it for me finally

    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      also it will include the two canon films

  12. Should i preorder kingdom hearts 2.8 now?

    1. KingdomHearts3


      If you have a PS4, then go for it. If not, then it's quite obvious what you do. Get the former then the latter.

    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      i got a PS4 So i will

  13. god i kinda vanished for so long sorry guys lol

  14. its been so long since ive been online how goes it everybody?

    1. Veemon


      Hello! I don't believe we met before. I'm Steventus, but you can just call me V-mon, or Ven if you'd like!

    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      nice to meet ya ven!

  15. im finally back after months of being on hiatus

    1. Veemon


      Hello, and welcome back! We haven't met before though.


      (Sometimes, I will occasionally change my avatar to Greninja, a ninja frog pokemon, so you can sometimes say I'm the Water Ninja.)

    2. Jake Granbell

      Jake Granbell

      nice to meet ya

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