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About Me


I’m Andrew Hankinson aka by my KH13 username…AndrewHankinson; imaginative I know!

I’m a member of the KH13 News and Social Media Team, mainly helping out on the KH13 Community Twitter page, fan-art/fiction competitions, the polls of the day and finding out news on Kingdom Hearts.


I'm 23, Scottish, and aspiring to be an graphic designer/photographer! I am a full-time geek. Comic-book-collecting, video-game-playing, film-watching/analysing, superhero-adoring, typographic, art geek with a special adoration for Kingdom Hearts in particular.


I’ve loved Kingdom Hearts since 2004 after seeing it in a game magazine at the hairdressers I used to go to as a kid. It was the highlight of going to the hairdressers for me (as I hated getting my hair cut) and when I saw a pre-owned version of the game in a shop, I begged my parents to get me it and loved it. I got a new copy of the game eventually you’ll be pleased to know! :D And when KH2 came out I rushed to the GAME shop after school to buy it and it wasn’t on the shelves; I asked at the desk and they said they were selling it yet. I was gutted…but then the guy found a copy behind the desk and I was overwhelmed! Last of Us and Arkham games are brilliant, but Kingdom Hearts is the best!


So when I saw that KH13 were looking for new members in August 2014, I immediately applied and have loved working with KH13 since. One of the biggest highlights of 2014 was attending the Europe Launch Event of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in December on behalf of KH13. Yeah I live near Glasgow and the event was in London, but it was worth it and hope to attend if it happens again!


With KH13/Kingdom Hearts, I love discussing questions about Kingdom Hearts so feel free to talk with me, or even about other stuff like film, comics, other games, etc! I’ve helped in the past with Kingdom Hearts fan projects, so if you have any ideas and want to organise something, I’m happy to help! Below my Kingdom Hearts favourites are links to my website/pages of my art and designs if you want to like/follow; the support is very much appreciated (leave a comment with any projects you like)! :D Anyhoo, that’s me for now! Talk to you later!



  • Game: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Character: Sora
  • World: Halloween Town
  • Keybalde: Oathkeeper
  • Group of enemies: Heartless


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