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  1. Good Bye For Ever KH13, Good Bye For Ever My Dear Friends & Good Bye For Ever "KH~LoOover*" ...

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    2. VanitasisKirby


      ^What Think Pink said. Please don't leave us!!!! :'(

    3. Think Pink

      Think Pink

      I'm gonna srsly crack up when you log back on in another couple of days

    4. KH~LoOover*


      I'm sorry but I won't enter again .. that's I'm Invisible right now .. I don't wanna talk to anyone before I leave ..

      So Sorry ...

  2. Hio everyone .. Hmm, since I'm a Muslim girl .. I wanted to talk a little about Islam & other religions .. and since I don't know many of your religions I wanted to talk about Islam much more .. But please and I'm begging to you, please read all the topic from the beginning till the end of it .. Islam religion, is the last religion that came to the world from our God "Allah" .. Islam is the religion that makes you change your destiny, from going to Paradise Or to the Hell ,, well, you may be angry of me, but It's just an advice for all of you guys .. and I'm not saying that thing just because I don't want anyone I know to go to hell, It's a very sad thing T_T .. you may know somethings about hell and paradise, but I'll tell you the truth of it .. Paradise is a very very very very veeeeeeeery big place that no one could ever enter just if he/she was a Muslim in his/her life .. they will live in Palaces that are made of Gold, Silver and any other Gemstones !! they will be happy for ever, and they'll marry the ones they really wanted, that are very veeeeeeeery beautiful women .. and they'll eat whatever they wanted to eat, and drink anything they wanted to drink .. and they'll have anything they want In the time they want, ANYTHING !! Islam rules talks about being very pure within yourself .. It's a very nice religion and makes you go to the paradise after your death when the time has come for the Last Day of the world .. the Last Day, is the day that our God "Allah" will make us live again after our death, all of us!! from the beginning of the life until its end .. and our God "Allah" will reward Muslims that day and make them live in Paradise that it's all full of happiness, free, calm & peace forever .. and he will make the others who aren't Muslims and don't believe in our God "Allah" go to the Hell .. Now let me talk to you much more about Hell .. Hell, is the biggest flames you could ever see!! It's very hot much more than anything else! all of us know the Sun right? do you know that Hell is much moooooooooore hot than it?! I can say to you that the sun is the baby of the Hell !! have you ever notice that thing? I don't think so, and I'm so glad That I have told you about .. I'll complete about Hell .. People who aren't Muslims will live there for ever, they will be burned in fire forever, they won't die for ever, and when their skin is burned, Allah will give them another skin and burn them again, and this thing will be for ever!! it won't have an end!! Also, there's no water in Hell, and they'll eat from a tree called "Al-Zaqqum", by the way this tree doesn't exist in life, it's just exist in Hell .. and they'll eat it's fruit that called bearing thorn fruit .. and this fruit will burn their stomachs !! after that, a very veeeeeeery hot water will be spilled on them !! and all of these things will be for ever, It won;'t have an end .. And if you don't believe what I said, you can search about hell in any Islamic article and you'll see the same things that I said about Hell, Paradise and The Last Day .. I didn't want to scary you of these things, but I wanted to tell you the truth about it to make you think another time before the worst thing will happen to you .. I wanted to say something .. for my friends that I really love, " waytothexdawnx " , " KingdomKatherine " , " Aryaanne " , " axellover01 " , StrangeHeart" and " XxKHFanForLifeXx " .. that I really love you my dear friends and since I love you, I don't want anyone of you to go to Hell, I want to meet you all In the Paradise .. so please, think about Islam and please be Muslims .. And if you don't want, It's your choice and you're free with it .. I don't know if this topic will be deleted or not, but I wanted to make an advice for all of you guys .. thanks for reading the topic .. Bye bye
  3. It's really nice don't say that ^^ keep up & don't ever give up
  4. WoW !! this is so cool !! Can't wait for it, though I'm not getting the game this year http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-cry.png .. But I'll keep up on the latest news Thank you very much Mr.Dchiuch for that really exclusive review http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png Kingdom Hearts is the best game ever !
  5. Why don't you believe? It's really cool and there are great things in religion and especially the Islam Religion Yeah It's kinda make you cry guys, but for us .. It make us more happy than we are ^^ I'll chat with you someday & I'll tell you more things about that if you don't mind of course
  6. Ok .. but If you don't mind me, you gotta have a religion & religious thought ..And someday, you'll remember what I said, then I'll be sorry for you and you'll be sorry for yourself T_T .. but anyway .. thanks again ..
  7. Why it's not? don't you love Muhammad "peace be upon him" But ok, thanks anyways ^^
  8. This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my whole life .. It's for the singer Maher Zain, the album "Thank You Allah" .. peace be upon the messenger, Muhammad the best of all Allah's creatures .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbICjWI7Vrw&feature=player_detailpage . . .
  9. I wanna ask a question.. I know it's kinda weird but, how can I add a video in my topic? Sorry for the silly question but I'm kinda new in the forum and I didn't know everything http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/dry.png but maybe it's done with attachment? waiting for an answer
  10. Hee hee ^^ very funny and nice
  11. Ramadhan is finally here ^^ I'm so happy for that :)

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    2. KH~LoOover*


      yeah you're right ! we're allowed to eat and drink at these times but the truth is when the Magrib Athan begun we began to eat, and in the morning we can eat till the Fajr Athan begun then we stop eating and drinking water :) It make us learn how poor people feel when they're hungry so we got benefits from Ramadhan ^^ It's a really cool month :)

    3. axellover01


      haha i know you guys love it :), they actually keep the students separated during this time, i think its so they are not teased?

    4. KH~LoOover*


      yeah you're so right :)

  12. haven't palyed it yet http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-cry.png but i'll try to get it as soon as possible http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png
  13. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice ^^ but i have one advice for you sweety you gotta try to make the nose better .. but the drawing and the coloring are awesome ^^ keep up on the great job
  14. Thanks for the two of you guys I'm so happy that many of you liked my drawings ^^
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