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  1. Nope, I'm about to get another game though, and I'm trying to decide between Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, never played either or the original splatoon. So I may have Splatoon 2 soon, I think next week is when I'm gonna get whichever game I decide on.
  2. If anybody has a Nintendo Switch and wants to be friends, my friend code is SW-4096-8007-2717, I have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Uno. If I get any friend request from anyone on here, I'll obviously accept it, or I can add you if that's easier.
  3. I'm a huge huge huge KH fan, but I don't really watch many Disney Movies, so I only recognized Syndrome from the Incredibles and Yzma from The Emporor's New Groove, I remember them both, Syndrome more so though, and I think that would be cool, I do recognize the Cyclops from Hercules and Shere Khan from the Jungle Book by name, but I barely remember both movies, it's be I figure at least a decade and a half since I've seen either, so not to surprising, but I think even if I knew them all, I'd still want Syndrome, I really like that character, but we will wait and see if any of them show up in KH3.
  4. Hey, I'm playing through Pokémon Moon, and I need someone to help me, I need to trade my Kadabra so he will evolve into Alakaza, can someone do me the favor of letting me trade my Kadabra to you, so it will evolve, and then trade it right back to me? Obviously if you have a Pokémon who needs to be traded to evolve too, I'd be more than happy to help you out in return, or if someone else needs the same thing I'd be happy to help them too. Please respond if you're willing to help me out and we'll exchange 3DS Friend Codes, thanks in advance.
  5. I got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PS4 for X-Mas, in the box is a code for The Elder Scrolls Online, which I don't play or want to play, so I thought that there was at least a chance that someone on here might want it. It's just a small in game item I think, it says it's a Dragon Warrior Costume and Yokudan Charger Mount. So if anybody wants it, just respond to the topic and I'll give it to whoever wants it and asks first, on the off chance that there's more than one person who wants it.
  6. I'm not able to pick just a single scene/moment, but here are some of my favorites, in no particular order: The first I can think of is the opening scene of KH Dream Drop Distance, the My Name is Ansem Scene, I love that part. https://youtu.be/4Fr7a2N3NgQ Another one is Riku completely outclassing Xion in KH 358 2 Days on the Bridge into the Beast's Castle. https://youtu.be/vY1hgkYW1os Another one is the scene/part when Axel goes to bring Xion back, and finds her at the gate to the Mansion in Twilight Town, and they argue, Axel is just so badass when he summons his Chakarams. https://youtu.be/uJA495w41Ks Another one is Riku vs Roxas at the end of KH 358 2 Days https://youtu.be/w4OR9zh5pBw When Axel puts his whole being into his attack on the Dusk's in the realm between. https://youtu.be/xWORKbyECt0 Sora VS Roxas https://youtu.be/ybq3doPftso
  7. Hey, that Goofy cutscene you linked is my video, cool.
  8. Hey, I was just wondering if anybody on here plays Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes regularly? If a lot of people do, perhaps we could make a KH13 Guild.
  9. If a man rapes a woman, he is scum, and he would be executed if it was up to me, but a man should get life without parole for raping a woman if not executed. If a woman rapes a man, she is scum, and she should get life without parole if not executed. The woman in the video sexually assaulted him, I don't think it was rape, but that being said, she should get at least 15 years in prison (more if she has a rap sheet) before she even has the possibility of being let out on parole, and she should be a low to low mid level sex offender on the registry.
  10. I never said religion should be outlawed, or is 100% bad, I said that it isn't a debate, Science is the only truth, it therefore would win the debate if you had one. Religion is good for people who don't twist it to fit there evil ways.
  11. I've never heard anybody say that religions are supposed to push people to become better, religions have been twisted and extorted so much that they have lost all their meaning in a lot of cases, ISIS and Al Khida use twisted Islam ideals as an excuse to murder people, crazy cult leaders use twisted Christian ideals to take peoples money, to control them, to sexually control them, and when they get caught, to kill them, Catholic priests use their power to molest kids who trusted them, and then the church defends them, in Christianity supposedly if you sin your going to hell, in yet it is literally impossible for even a priest to never commit a sin, but at the same time, you can commit countless sins, but if you ask for forgiveness it is all good. Religion is principle is good, but in practice it goes very wrong in a lot of cases, that's all I'm saying. And religious people who still disregard evolution, or still think god created the Earth, or that everything that happens is gods will just need to face the truth, evolution is fact, the big bang theory is most likely what created the universe, but even if it isn't the big bang theory, it wasn't any god, and not everything happens for a reason, if everything happens for a reason by gods will, then he/she is insane
  12. They are not saying that I'm going to hell for ME, they're saying it for themselves, and its not 50/50 chance. I never said Religion was a societal detriment, but it does become one when people take it too far, which is the minority, but still.
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