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  1. So i missed 2 letters since i was still soaking up on the past cutscenes and stuff so i missed the first two letters before realizing i could move sora...is there a way to go back and do it again or do i hve to do the game all over again, not that i mind, since this has to be the best game after kh2...its just that young xehanort is frustrating wen i had to fight him. thnx alot guys!
  2. haley joel osment is still sora, just his voice changed, sort of like from kh to kh:com when he sort of changed voice haha and dnt forget he does vanitas also! i was happy with the trailer, plus im hopeing axel/lea is still quinton cus i heard him a lil bit in axel's scenes in the trailer
  3. a possible TWEWY sequal?? SOLD!!

  4. looking forward to getting Theatrhythm Final Fantasy while i wait for KH3D

  5. hearing twister, calling, and someday

  6. So excited I want july to come already...my bday is in june and I already told my parents tat kh3d is my bday present yay...thank goodness I not attendin fall semester of college
  7. Hello guys, u can all call me mykatsuki. Im new to this forum and community. I love kh just as you all and my fav characters are riku and axel/lea. I hve all ta games in ta series and waiting for kh3ds. So wat r ur fav characters?
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