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  1. Went and saw "Divergent". Amazing movie. I loved it. Anyone elae seen it?

  2. I cannot type a full sentence on my mobile chat without the keyboard going away. I think part of the reason is the page moves up and down when I type something. It might be the update or my mobile device just doesn't wanna cooperate. I type one letter and then the keyboard goes away and so I have to press the message I wanna type and the same thing happens. Please help
  3. I can't wait till Christmas

  4. Screw this updated version for mobile. Can't type anything without the keyboard dissapearing off my screen

  5. This Uncle Grandpa show on Cartoon Network has to be the most screwed up show they've made yet... but it's funny hahaha

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    2. bit


      I personally can't stand it xP but if you like it, thats cool. Ive been watching Adventure Time, and Steven Universe

    3. BlackAceZero777


      I like it...It's funny in a weird way...

    4. BlackAceZero777


      They guy playing Uncle Grandpa sounds like Patrick...

  6. It snowed here

    1. ReikuSSR


      same, then it melted, now it is snowing again

  7. hey sorry i didnt mean to drop our conversation my account got a little weird

    1. ShadowRoxas123
    2. KHgamergurl90


      im still having issues like it says log in to use chat and im logged in but wont let me chat otherwise i'd talk to u some more there


    3. ShadowRoxas123


      Well, I wonder what's wrong

  8. Lost our first junior varsity football game but there are plenty of other chances to win :)

  9. The cinematic intro for Black Ops 2's "Origins" looks soooooo amazing

  10. My Wii broke. Won't read any discs when the discs are in perfect condition. Damn you Nintendo... damn you..

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    2. ShadowRoxas123


      I wasn't talking to you

    3. Queen Tery

      Queen Tery

      You made a status. We were all clearly invited to the conversation lmao

    4. *Rikku*


      OK stop the bullshit guys he just made a statues go home and play with your wii....

  11. First day of school is tomorrow so... Sora... You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over.

    1. OathOblivio


      HEH... My school starts next monday, so... I'll stick around with Sora a little longer...

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