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  1. Here’s the trailer: The visuals look stunning, of course, as does what little of the UI we did see. We’ve only seen crumbs and the occasional infographic on the characters and the worlds, but I’m so curious about all of these characters. The list of the different nations just kept getting longer. They showed us pretty clearly which characters can summon which eikons, so I wonder how big of a deal it really is? I had expected it to be some sort of mystery as to who had which one. Either they’re not caring too much about the surprise or there’s a lot to uncover
  2. Exactly! And there’s still so much time between the next mainline FF release that it feels like a port would fill the gap a little bit… but SE is allergic to money, I guess. If a new port were to come out, I hope it’s soon. I’ve been meaning to replay the trilogy again. FFXIII needs more love from SE in general.
  3. Yes, please, if they do port FFXIII, I hope it’s with the DLCs - but they didn’t do that with the PC port so I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up I wonder why it’s taken so long for them to port FFXIII since it’s considered “old” by now. It wasn’t that poorly received…
  4. It's really a shame that this got scrapped, I would've loved an animated series. Maybe with the recent rise of reboots and retellings, Disney and SE can be persuaded.
  5. I was very active on the roleplay forums when they were still their own category, so I’m sure we could’ve met at some point then! Thank you! Everything is very different but it still feels the same as it did then!
  6. I used to be very active on this forum when I was really young (about 13 IIRC?) and wanted to try giving it another go some eight years later, give or take, lol. My name is Aether and I love RPGs, tabletop games, horror, and writing! I'm a QA tester and aspiring creative writer. I'm also very active on Final Fantasy XIV and have a great many alts on there as well. On top of that, I draw! Some of my art can be found on my twitter. I look forward to talking with new people ^__^
  7. Username (Must be your KH13 Username) : StarStruck Nickname (For short pronounce) : Star Gender (Male or Female,do i have to say more?) : female Age : 11 (rawr!) RP Characters (Name and Pics of the character that you have created or Roleplaying other member's RP before) : Locket: http://locket-chanshadow.deviantart.com/art/Locket-Ref-365375153 Abilities (Not over-powering) : able to light up areas, capable with hand-to-hand combat RP Origins (What's the origin of your RP character?RP name and Links preferred) : None Roleplayer Thyself (Hope I'm not to late D:)
  8. Me and my sis are going fishing tomorrow <3 wish me luck ;3;

  9. LockyChaaaan.... Get on your computer! I'm already bored.

  10. Hello, my friend! How are you today? Is everything going alright? Splendid! Want something to eat? No, I'm fine. Where are we? I don't remember coming here. Oh, that's not important! What's important is that you have something to eat. Come on, it's delicious! I said I'm fine. Now, I really need to get home. My mother must be worried sick. hmph. Alright. But first, let me show you to your workplace... He he. Me and LockyChan planned this out. Well, the plot at least. We got bored. •Character Sheet• Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: History: Pet: Accessories(pet and you): Mine!: Name: Xavier Age: 16 Gender: male Personality: shy, kind, scared easily but acts tough Appearance: black shirt, brown hair, blue eyes, blue jeans and black-and-white sneakers. History: unknown at the moment Pet: an orange cat with a scar on its ear. Accessories(pet and you): pet: spiky black collar. Xavier: blue Beat headphones, carries a back pack. -waits patiently for LockyChan-
  11. I need to get on more ;-;

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  12. SO MY OLDER SISTER JOINED YESTERDAY... And I order you all to go see her.

  13. I need to be on more...

  14. Don't know if anyone else made a thread for there one year on KH13, but I'm doing it. I made a doodle http://locket-chanshadow.deviantart.com/art/KH13-Anniversary-375403166?ga_submit_new=10%253A1370161309
  15. Wow. One full year on KH13. T3T I'm so happy

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      I hide because I'm shy when talking to some people :<

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      j/k its okay to be shy :) *hugs^^*

  16. I just have to write this... Or else I go nuts... This is in Foxheart/Angleheart's time Chapter 1 Angleheart slept peacfully in the warriors den, her sides heaving with each breath. A stirring in the moss patch beside her made her twitch. "Angleheart!" It was Firestar. Angleheart opened her eyes and yawned loudly. "What do you need..." She snapped. Firestar stepped back a pawstep. "You're to lead the dawn patrol.." He said sternly. Angleheart shook her head to clear it, standing up and stretching her legs. "Alright. Ill be there." She mewed. Firestar nodded and stepped out of the den. Angleheart walked out and squinted against the sunlight. It was nearly sunhigh. She turned her head, seeing Cloudheart at the camp entrance. He was twitching his tail impatiently. Angleheart sighed. This was going to be a long patrol. As she reached the entrance, her mood improved. The sun was warming her fur, so she was getting happier and less grouchy. "Where have you been?" Cloudheart yowled as she arrived. "It's nearly sunhigh!" "I know! Now let's just get on with it." She said. She immediately pushed through the camp entrance and headed the patrol across the ThunderClan border. its going to be a long day... she thought.
  17. Koro shrugged. "we're on an island with no one else here. What'd you think." he said sarcastically. "I honestly think we should find a place to stay." He said, nugging the lifeboat with his foot. "This lifeboat will be worthless..."
  18. Koro stumbled out of the life boat, nearly losing his balance on the ground. "Land!!" He shouted, spreading his arms outward and putting his head back. "Finally!" He said.
  19. I woke up and opened my eyes, seeing people walking around me. I shook my head, standing up and looking around. I noticed my sister wasent with me. where had she gone? I wondered. she was with me a few moments ago... I looked around again. "L-Locket...?" I called, but with no answer. I sighed. I started to walk away, not knowing where I was.
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