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  1. Am at the kingdom hearts concert in LA and was approached by a young man with keyblade and you asked my group if we were apart of the kh13 website! Well, I am! I said I wasn't apart of the site, which is true. It's been ages since I've been on here. But hello! Message me if you see this post!

  2. She came down a little bit ago and she had one for me then As for conventions, i have yet to go to one myself. But others keep an eye out for me! Like I said if nintendo is there, just ask! Doesnt matter how old the packs are, they always have them haha
  3. Man it's been ages since i've been on here!

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    2. Y.R.P.18


      Xeveemon. I think the question here is, who even are you? and Hello Ruby Rose!


    3. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Hello Uncle! ^^

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      I'm Xeveemon, the multi attitude dude

  4. Sometimes gamestop stores will have nintendo representatives that come down, I think bestbuys have them too.. I became good friends with the one that shows up here in corona,CA and everytime i see her she trys to get me a new pack! You could try your local electronic store and ask if they ever get reps in them! Befriending them might be a good choice haha and as for events, any kind of convention where nintendo could possibly be at, they will pass out packs there! You just have to go and ask if they have any they are passing out. My friend went to.. I think it was anime expo or something.. they were there, and she got me like 3 packs! Just gotta look around
  5. I absolutely love kid icarus uprising cards! I've gotten my hands on some of the rare ones, be it from magazines or events. But for some reason I just want to have all of them! I have a little binder that has about 40 or 50 in I think.. Something about them is just so different and cool But yeah I agree, it's pretty lame that they are so hard to get.. and then if you even want to try buying them online it will cost you an arm and a leg :C
  6. Mannn.. How expensive we talking? Like, 50? Or 100? I can handle the 50 maybe..
  7. Hello my fellow fans!! I am in need of help finding some amazing pins that were sold at Hot Topic long ago when the best video games roamed the earth! There were about three that I am aware of... they all came out when kingdom hearts 2 was realeased. 1. Has sora sitting in a throne with goofy and Donald one side 2. The heartless logo! In a silver outline of it, not filled or anything 3. Last, but no least, The keyblade! It's just the keyblade All of these pins are on a backing, like a cardboard card thingy.. If you know anywhere where I can get these please let me know!!
  8. These.. are so beautiful! :DD Next paycheck. I am getting one!
  9. Its quite alright x) Hes a Doctor from Doctor Who!
  10. Really? Can you not read?
  11. So. I want hair like his! Its so cool any advice/videos/pictures that can help me? THANX!
  12. I agree! For being a new Disney show it is really good! The show is hilarious too x)
  13. Well you are very welcome! I hope that you start collecting again soon! Its tons of fun and can be really cheap if you know how ;D hahahaha!
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