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  1. It really just depends on the test.
  2. Haven't been on in forever, what's up everyone!

    1. Emrys


      I changed my name that's what! and some other things too.

  3. Hey guys, I'm back! And graduated! After a year of work, next week we will finally see the result of me attempting to carve a lifesize (or decently close) Kingdom Key Keyblade out of clay! I am so excited! And on top of that I get the limited edition KH 1.5, and Legend of Korra season 2 comes out! Can next week get anymore amazing!

    1. Roy


      Lucky you! Good luck on keyblade

    2. theultimatesorafan
    3. gothamninja394


      A KH fan plus a Korra fan, HOW EPIC IS THAT!? :D

  4. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT! My step siblings surpised me and pre-ordered it for my birthday, I love those guys!
  5. Can't wait for all the KH stuff to come!

  6. Heck yes! I'm so excited! I don't go online for a couple weeks and this is what I get coming back! EPICNESS!
  7. Immortality has never interested me. I am a christian so I believe in eternal life after death, but that's as close as it comes. Livivng forever as a mortal just doesn't float my boat.
  8. Fi0078

    Do you prefer to stay home or to go out?

    Trully it depends what I'm doing and what my mood is. Sometimes I just want to stay home and relax after a busy day or week or something, and other times I want to go hang out with my chums. But you are the loniest of all... just kidding!
  9. I love learning and it's very important to me; But I don't worry about the leader grade, just my personal learning growth and understanding.
  10. It would be awesome if I could get all three, but realisticlly I'll probably get PS4 and Xbox720 at the most, and even more realistic, Ill have to just pick one...
  11. Yes, I only really feel comfortable with people I know; at get togethers and stuff I'm that person hiding off in the corner with my headphones in...
  12. I admit it is somewhat bothersome because I can't afford every console out there but i still enjoy a lot of games that are exclusive...
  13. I like going online, but im poor and can't always afford it, so i try to only do it when i really really want to go online.
  14. Yes, and I can't wait till it releases in America
  15. It was this past summer. And I found the place by mistake but I'm glad I did!