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  1. Dang, Didn't Work For Me. Thank You Though! Dude, I Have Been Trying All Day Since This Morning!
  2. First: Thank You For Elaborating. Second: Are You Kidding?? I Bet The PSP Version Looks Better On The Vita Than The HD Does On PS4 Or XBone.
  3. Pardon? As Usual, I Have No Idea What Your Speaking Of. I'm Sorry.
  4. Lets Not Kid Around, Most People Just Want Type-0 For The FF XV Demo. If You Haven't Paid Attention To The Type-0 Trailers, They All Have A Filter Over Them To Cover Up The Fact That The Game Just Does Not Look Good Graphically. Should Have Seriously Been Made For Vita.
  5. Ya, Hop In. You, Me, And Possibly Thousands Of People Are In The Same Boat The Envy Is Real, Man! It's Gonna Be Available For Free For Club Nintendo Members For A Limited Time. But I Think Once That's Done, It'll Come Out On The E Shop.
  6. Oh, Well Definitely Any Keyblade Droped By A Secret Boss Aside From The One In 3D Is Useless.
  7. Metal Chocobo! You Get It After You Beat Cloud In The Hercules Cup. HOWEVER, Once You Finish The Cup You Also Get Olympia. Olympia Matches Or Beats Metal Chocobo's Stats In Every Catagory (Except Maybe Reach), Making Metal Chocobo 100% Useless. Metal Chocobo - "Possess incredible power and reach, but reduces max MP by 1. Rarely deals critical blows." Strength +10 MP -1 Crit Rate x0.1 Crit Bonus +0 Olympia - "A powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect. Capable of inflicting mighty critical blows." Strength +10 MP +0 Crit Rate x1 Crit Bonus +2
  8. Makes Me Wanna Cry Thinking About How Bad It Will Be..
  9. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/02/flipnote_studio_3d_now_available_to_north_american_club_nintendo_members
  10. Bleh, just testing out some monochrome copic markers. Don't mind me
  11. You're Welcome! Seemed Like A Very Kingdom Hearts Move To Make. Keep Up The Good Work. Hope To See More Like This In The Future. And Yes. I Can Hardly Wait For It. The Only Thing That Can Quell My Excitement For KH III Is FF XV!
  12. Holy Crap, Dude!! This Is Flippin' Awesome!! I Especially Love How You Combined Sora And Axel's Hair.
  13. True, But Ever Since He Was, I've Been A Little Worried About The Game. It Was His Baby, After All.
  14. There Is Also This. http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/sony-says-final-fantasy-xv-coming-2015/
  15. This Article Seems To Support That Idea. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/02/03/square-enix-now-hiring-final-fantasy-xv-staff-might-be-planning-to-work-them-to-death/ I Think A 2015 Release Is very Possible (Necessary). What Is More Perfect Than XV In 15? ^.^
  16. Actually, Tetsuya Nomura, The Creator, Said He Finished Sora And Riku's Designs For KHIII. http://kh13.com/news/nomura-confirms-kingdom-hearts-iii-development-on-schedule-new-outfits-for-sora-riku
  17. I Strongly Believe This Is A Sign That 2015 Is Definitely Their Target Release. I Think Square Could Do It Themselves (Eventually), But Not In A 2015 Time Frame. What I Don't Understand Is How They've Had The Time And Manpower To Make So Many Tech Demos.
  18. Hey, Black! Long Time. I Still Remember Back When You, Roxasman, And I Did Character Art For Otter. Ha Ha. I'm Really Impressed With How You've Improved! Don't Stop Drawing, Man. [^•^]
  19. Yo, Nice Thread! ^.^ Could You Please Do Me As A Keyblade Wielder? I'll Put My Appearance Details Soon. Thanks!
  20. Video Games Go Back To Some Of My Earliest Memories. My Family Had An NES And A SNES, Both Of Which I Played. They Also Had A Couple Of Ataris I Had No Knowledge Of Growing Up, So I Never Played Them.
  21. Thank You So Much For That Comment!
  22. Ha Ha, Thanks. I'll Leave It Off Of My Next Sora Pic. #^_^ (Which Is Comming Soon)
  23. I Mainly Did It Because Nomura Puts Earings On His Characters Pretty Often.
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