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  1. I don't believe so. I don't think the X-Blade can be created without Keyblades.
  2. Well, I honestly cannot explain that. But I still stand by the theory Keyblade wielders being the GoL.
  3. Keyblade training is too specific for someone like Lea just to be backup.
  4. Ha Ha! Ya, I just wonder what the consequences of failing the exam are. It would seem odd for Yen Sid to be like, "Uh oh. You didn't pass. Here's a make up exam." And then he like give him another exam right away. That would be strange to me.
  5. I have already stated that I have no doubts that Terra will be restored when it's all said and done. I strongly believe that he will be used as a SoD in the final battle. Otherwise Lea gaining the ability to use a Keyblade and training under Yen Sid makes absolutely no sense. Zero, if not to be a GoL.But, no. I have no questions. Goodbye.
  6. Thanks. Can't believe that slipped by me!So, what are your thoughts on the keyblades?
  7. Man. When I read the title I thought you meant like a literal baby. Eraqus in diapers.
  8. Oh, I agree that Lea and Kairi will still be training mid-game. But I just feel like there will be a small gap of time. Although, there haven't really been any gaps so far. They've all been filled in with the spinoffs.Maybe you're right, and it will be an immediate transition like the way 358/2 Days goes straight into KH II. Who knows? I'm just figuring on a little more of a space between DDD and KH III. It wouldn't feel right to me to start RIGHT were DDD left off. It's been 10 years since a numbered tittle. I want the feeling that time has past, like in KH II. You could really tell some time had passed for Sora.
  9. No, I here you about Lea possibly not intending to become one and having other reasons for Keyblade training. But we can't forget Yen Sid. He won't be wasting his Mentorship in this crucial time. I believe he is putting forth all his efforts to ready the GoLs.
  10. Immediately is a loose term. Nomura said that the footage we saw in the latest trailer was of a Keyblade Master Sora. I think at least a bit of time will have past, even if we get to play Sora's mark of mastery exam.
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