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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. thanks for being my friend on here! :)

  2. Have not been on here in forevrr! cant wait for kh 3!

  3. Hey final fantasy 13 verses is coming out in 2014!!! Cant wait to play it!!!
  4. haha hello and nothing much u?

  5. haha i see u added me as a friend:)

    1. Sakuraba Neku

      Sakuraba Neku

      yo you add me now, whats up? =D

  6. well riku is stronger thansora becuase he went threw alot of stuff ad sora got his power piece by piece but riku got his all at one time. riku's power keeps adding on and he is getting so much stronger while sora is still gaining some power
  7. oh my gosh i love this video!! haha 5 stars from me to u
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