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  1. BALHKH123456

    Demyx Facts

    I think Demyx is evil and should DDIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!! LOL
  2. why don't you buy it from the place you live, less work then lol Personally im from england and I bought it from the place i live so it would be easier just to buy it in near by shop! lol
  3. BALHKH123456

    Leon and Kairi forget?

    never played chain of mermories
  4. BALHKH123456

    Demyx Facts

    lol Demyx is stupid
  5. I didn't like that world coz every time Sora would swim, he would swim into the wall................
  6. Soooooo Bored!!!!!

  7. I am sooooooo happy coz my half term is next week!!!!!!!!!!

  8. To everyone in Europe that are KH fans that get annoyed when we can't carry on the series because the next game hasn't been brought out in Europe, thank you Square Enix. Please explain why and anyone who has their own opinions on this topic.
  9. I would be very happy if someone could tell me if this game is being brought out in europe as I'm an english fan and we don't know if it is being brought out in europe.