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  1. Why do you hate me so much SLH?? WHY?! 1
  2. Well I speak both Spanish and English fluently, but I first spoke Spanish, and then in school I learned English. I'm not sure which one counts as foreign seeing how I was born and live in the US but spoke Spanish first. Either way, I already know one foreign language. Right now I'm not studying any foreign language. I do plan on learning Japanese and Sign Language during the summer though.
  3. Hi and welcome to the community Hiraii! I hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to chat with me anytime
  4. I'll take a purple t-shirt with the phrase "DAMNATION" and the shampoo/conditioner 2-in-1 with it. I don't really embrace this, but I just really want that shirt......
  5. I'm not really sure right now. I might pre-order it once it gets closer to coming out, but I'm thinking about saving that money for a lot of games coming out later this year instead.
  6. I abandoned that a loonnngggg time ago
  7. Why won't autoplay work on my about me page????? D:

    1. Weiss


      who revived this

    2. rathalos


      xD I give reminders anyway! Lol
    3. rathalos


      -feeling stupid- me....

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