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  1. I cosplayed as Sora once at school.
  2. Confirming my username to be changed to: SoRox
  3. Just watched Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Episode 3 OVA

  4. Please change my username to: SoRox if it is not taken. Thanks.Pending 7 Days
  5. Somebody please help with Calculus.

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    2. SoRox


      I'm currently at the Differentiation but will reach Integration soon

    3. catmaster0116


      So what do you need help with in Differentiation? You just multiply the coefficient by the power and then subtract one from the current power. Integration is just that backwards (You just divide the coefficient by the current power +1 and then add one to the current power), and then you have all those weird and wonderful laws of calcalus.

    4. SoRox


      @catmaster0116 I understand the concept but when I apply it problems that is the problem.maybe I need to review all other pre calc math subjs...

  6. It's raining! *yawn Gud Night :)

  7. Just watched "Everything Wrong Kingdom Hearts almost 27 minutes video - Youtube" can't stop laughing.. :)

  8. I had a dream about sora's new costume in KHIII, before I watched the trailer of E3 2015.

    1. Iris


      That could mean that you saw the future?

    2. SoRox


      I think so,but it's only a dream though. My mind may only be guessing things..

  9. can I change my username?

    1. Sora96


      Yes, use the topic in the website forum.

    2. SoRox


      Okay, thanks :D

    3. Soravids


      Wow. I never knew we had a Sora97.

  10. whoa 97 notifications!

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    2. SoRox


      ? I think you're referring to sora96? A Username cannot be repeated?

    3. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      I know Sora96... who are you?

    4. SoRox


      I'm sora96 aka Gian, totally not related to sora96

  11. WTH The Video was deleted due to breach of terms... :( Where can I find that KH II 30min Gameplay vid..

    1. Demyx.


      That was fast.

  12. FINALS this week, Panic Mode ON

  13. Roxas or Sora, maybe both of them, they are the best!
  14. SoRox

    I bought a keyblade today.

    That's cool, I wish I can buy that too...