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  1. The creator is in a roleplaying drought right now.
  2. NatronSpore

    Deja Vu

    As soon as he heard Ella tell him to hide, Ferro leaped up and dove into one of the beds. He lay there as still as he could, breathing slowly and rhythmically. There was only one explanation for Ella's strange behavior: something bad would happen if they weren't all in bed, and she had used the power they all shared to rewind time. Ferro waited to see what would happen.
  3. Just apply the basic principles of time travel and logic and it comes out right.
  4. It has been confirmed to me by the RP's creator that this is indeed the way the déjà-vu power works.
  5. Camellia's use is a good example. The person who uses it does remember what happened. That's how they are able to change events in their favor. The rest of us don't realize it has happened, and must act as such. We do, however, know that all of us possess this ability, so you can tell us you did it and the characters will know what you're talking about. I hope this is all correct. Please correct me if I'm not.
  6. NatronSpore

    Deja Vu

    Ferro sat with the group around the candles. "The fire of those candles is actually tiny soot and wax particles glowing with heat. It's called black-body radiation." Ferro hoped the group would appreciate that. He had read that in a book somewhere. "Just trying to 'lighten the mood.' Get it?" Ferro cracked a smile.
  7. Ferro~~~~~ Ferro had entered the hallway together with everyone else. Then he was suddenly sequestered from everyone. Ferro looked down the smooth, white-washed corridor ahead. Plates slid off Chips to hover protectively around him. "Let's go." he said to his friends, and began moving cautiously down the hallway. Cathos~~~~~ Cathos blinked as white walls built themselves around him. "I'm starting to have my doubts about these Kamyn." he sighed. "Not about the knowledge; this they have. I doubt their intelligence." Cathos prepared a defensive screen to throw up, then closed his eyes and expanded his consciousness. He sent his mind questing through the hallways. Finding the Doctor, he formed mental contact. "Meet up with me, here." he spoke into the Doctor's mind, forming a mental map in their shared consciousness and pointing out a meeting point halfway between them. "If the halls shift, I'll contact you again." Withdrawing his mind back to his body, Cathos began a steady walk toward the place he had designated.
  8. Ferro shook himself. This was no time be standing doing nothing. His father had always said you should never have extra time on your hands. Looking around, Ferro saw a group of people had gathered. Safety was greatest in numbers, and these were the only numbers around right now. Ferro walked over and stood to one side, trying to understand what they were saying. Something about training? What was all this talk of dragons and other nonsense? Dragons were fairy tales! Ferro wondered where the old man had gone. He had a feeling he would know about all this.
  9. I'm wondering what the hell is happening. I'm pretty sure people are forming a group, but beyond that, I don't know.
  10. (It's just so great that you happened to write Effington.)
  11. Basically, my character is me. Except for the clothing bit.
  12. (Are people messing up Efenton's name on purpose? And that picture is from Infinity Blade.)
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