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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Everyone seemed to be excited about the journey they were all now well embarked upon. It was... refreshing. Leaning on a nearby handrail, Kandor smiled. Then he leaned off of the rail and went to begin his rounds, book in hand, reading and he paced across the ship. "Saki, Paki!" He grinned in the doorway as Saki stopped bouncing on the bed. "You both seem to be taking to your current lodgings, are you both feeling up for what's to come in our near future." His grin remained and the light reflected across his glasses, hiding the eyes that knew so keenly they could not be.
  2. Not even a keyblade master can overcome the laws of physics.
  3. Kandor approached the fountain with a small finely woven cloth bag hanging on his shoulder. His things. His brow was furrowed, his eyes slightly unfocused, staring at some subject more conceptual than physical. This was... nearly unprecedented. How had a force of nobodies been organized like this. To take on keyblade wielders directly and stand their ground, even cause rather significant damage and harm. And some even had connections to the students here. This was a threat that needed to be faced. And a threat that would need to be studied. "Zion," a sly smile crept smoothly and effortlessly across his face as he approached her. " I'll be coming as well. If a force of nobodies this strong has assembled, we'll need to study the basis of it, and thus I'll need to be present." He swung his bag around a single time before it cleanly came to a rest on the opposing shoulder. "And after all, someone's got to be there to keep you wily Keyblade Wielders from destroying all the good research material in the meantime." He spun himself around on his heel facing the students who had begun to return from their rooms. "Now..." his smile burst into a fuller grin. "who's ready to go find some nobodies?"
  4. Kandor ground his teeth. Some unexpected combat training was never too bad, but students could get badly hurt here. "Zion..." He said tersely. "These guys aren't playing around. There's no time to waste." He readied his magic to combine with her assault. "Do it."
  5. Kandor moved quickly infront of the main force of Junsei's bolts, casting reflect with a word and sent them flying off away from the students, then sent a worried glance to Alvis to the see the impact of the main bolt. This sure was becoming... vexing.
  6. Kandor "Oh good!" Kandor smirked at the appearance of the new faces. "I was so afraid it would take time to figure out who was behind this. Well, you've just made this day so much more convenient." Kandor clasped his hands together happily. "Now, I'm sure you're aware that these are keyblade wielders with me. Sadly I feel you may not stand a chance against all of us. So, in response to your question, no, I don't think we intend to tell you where Sora or Riku are. We would be happy to introduce ourselves though. I'm Kandor..." he took a short bow, "... and well these two are... well I'll let them introduce themselves." An aura of gravity magic began to pulse around Kandor. "Now would you kindly give us your names in return?"
  7. "Very well." Kandor sighed. A white bolt flew in his direction until he noticed it, and raised a hand, a translucent wall in a hex grid style rose around him and the bolt reversed direction immediately upon impact. Kandor frowned. "But be decisive." He began to walk quickly toward the sounds of fighting further in. He turned back with a touch on impatience on his placid expression. "Let's be off to get Sora then!"
  8. "Nonsense, Indy." Kandor approached Rei and Indy with an amicable smile, only a small tear the base of his coat indicating that it wasn't a purely normal day. A pair of nobodies darted at him from behind at the same moment he clasped his hands together, smile unabating. A semi-translucent sphere formed just behind him and the thin white bodies of the nobodies were unable to keep themselves from entering it as they made their way to Kandor. They struggled as the purple sphere tugged them to the ground, sundering them and tearing them apart with unnatural force. The sphere soon dissipated, with no sign it, or the nobodies had ever existed. "We must surely find the ones who did this. In fact every second we waste is another moment we give them to escape." He rubbed his hands together as he focused his eyes on them, thinking. "Did any of you happen to see any shady characters about the campus today?"
  9. I'll throw my hat in the ring. Here's to hoping you can make it to the conclusion! It's a tough thing sometimes. Name: Kandor Ralum Gender: Male Age: 32 Appearance: Sandy brown-blond hair strewn over a rather sharply square face. Thin rectangular spectacles cling to the bridge of his node framing light hazel eyes often squinted in a grin. An old worn white vest hangs half un-done over a clean buttoned white shirt, clashing eternally with thickly off-white gray pants that run down to pitch black shoes. Over all of this is a heavy well-dusted cerulean coat that dances along the ground with every step. Bio: Kandor originates from a world somewhere far off, where few Keyblade wielders ever ventured in ages gone, and none have ventured in what seems to be an eternity. He grew up inquisitive and ambitious; empathetic only to his own discoveries and often very little to other people. When he was 22 disaster struck his hometown, resulting in the deaths of his immediate family and forever cutting him off from the remaining acquaintances he had. He studied for years after that to learn the secret to escaping his world. Once he did he never looked back, becoming a traveler and studying the strange phenomena of light, darkness, and the nature of Keyblades. He was never able to wield one of his own, but he never really wished to, he only wanted to keep growing and learning. He rarely stayed in one place for very long until arriving in Radiant Garden and becoming intrigued by the place. Now he acts as a resident scholar, supporting the keyblade wielders there with the knowledge he's gained from years of travel and study. What does he really want though? Keyblade: N/A Spell: Reflect, Gravity Light/Dark: Neither Nevermind, changing my character to Xion and/or Lightning.
  10. Kavris - Kaipora He smirked. "Give up now?" His muscles relaxed and he assumed a pose of almost casual philosophical conversation amongst the raging battle. "My dear foe, the real nature of the game doesn't reveal itself until you're skirting the line of death itself. That's where life truly lies. Your fiendish little Empire, as darling as it is, seeks a sense of order in this world. But us- you and I- we understand what order really amounts to; a false hope for those who don't see just how close their death is." Kavris played with the handle of his blade as hundreds died around him. "To live and see just how fragile life is. For example; your empire had hoped to capture this town once more. To reclaim it. To control it." A gigantic explosion rocked the city, and it kept growing. The ground splintered and cracked, furious shards of red earth ripping out from beneath it. The last little bit of fun. The time-shifting Tanzynite had been strange and complex. This was just the basic explosive stuff, though. Nothing too fancy, just a lot of explosions. Did the trick every time. "But you won't be reclaim or controlling anything. Not when this city is a smoking crater and your army is a shattered remnant." Kavris had always known the city would fall, but he wanted to make sure it was at least spectacular. As a huge amount of what was once Kaipora's road split open and dragged a cart under into the red abyss the government building behind him began to resound with shrieks and cried. It didn't matter, they'd be gone soon to. Now for the exit. Kavris did a small salute to Isaac and then vaulted up to the roof of the the nearby council chamber building, pulling himself up with more effort than he cared to exert. He scanned the rooftops. The city was shaking and shifting with every moment, but he found a path that just may work. He leaped to the next building over as nearby buildings collapsed and continued roof to roof toward the city's outskirts. Now just to see if that curious general would choose to follow him or retreat...
  11. Kavris - Kaipora - Wood splintered as Kavris was slammed into the door behind him. As blood trickled down from a small wound that had appeared on his forehead a slick smirk stretched across his face. The gun fire and screams rang out through the town. Both sides were going to be putting up a fight, and it may even be a challenge to make it through the day. Kavris hadn't been this excited in a long time. "Good. Very, very good." He almost whispered the words so that only Isaac could hear them. "I was almost scared you would give up too easily. Thank you for not disappoinitng." A flash of light suddenly erupted in the small space between Kavris and Isaac, and in the split second that it took to temporarily blind nearby soldiers Isaac ducked out of Isaac's grip and dashed to his right, readying his blade once more in his hand. Rebels took the shocking blinding flash a s cue to open a new volley of fire upon the Imperial soldiers. The battle intensified. Beautiful. Kavris released another shot of light into the main government building such that the city's main officials could have some room to escape. They needed to stay alive for Kaipora to keep the will to fight. This had to last as long as he could keep it going. He raised his blade to Isaac. "You should know; I love all Tanzynite, but light and darkness; those powers I love more than just about any other. Don't try to beat me at my own game, friend. Now, let's have a look at how long you fight for your life..." He dove at Isaac with a vicious slash.
  12. Let me know if the surprise Kavris planned is a bit too high on the power-scale. I'm more than happy to tone it down if necessary, though I figured we could use a little bit of good ol' fashioned high-stakes tension going in the RP just about now.
  13. Kavris - Kaipora - Kavris's face lit up. He pushed past Shinobi and right up to Isaac. "Well, it's about time." The scurrying and readying of blades within the building told Kavris that the city's management weren't likely too pleased at the new guest. Kavris listened to his new friend Isaac for a moment... Kavris's smile stretched into a Cheshire grin. "Oh, but you see people already have been hurt." He motioned with his head towards the soldiers behind Isaac. "Your men have seen to that. Such brutes, you have no guest-ly manners about you. I'm Kavris, Baron Karn has hired me for sometime as a head of Tanzynite research here in the city. I've been cooking up all sorts of things for him, and honestly I've come to be quite fond of these people." The joyful man lied. "Now you've come into this fair city and harmed and terrorized its citizens. All for your rubbish little king." Kavris was trying to hit all the pressure points. He danced about as he spoke, giving every word from his mouth a grand complimentary gesture. In his hand he still held the white surrender flag, which shivered in the billowing wind, as it were anticipating something anxiously. "Listen, I have no doubt that you mean only the best. Just following orders. Such and such, jibbity-jab. In any case it's completley obvious that we're outmanned and out gunned and out... well everything." He bowed extremely low before Isaac, holding only the small white flag up. The flag had an oddly thick central cylinder it was attached to. The white bit of cloth blew back and forth furiously. "We surrender." Kavris's finger moved but a tiny bit and suddenly the top of the flag erupted in crimson flame. The flame burst up from Isaac and Kavris and rose high into the air. It was a flare. Kavris's smile widened and he resumed an upright posture. "Oh, but before we go quietly into that good night. I figured I'd give our conquers a showcase of some of my work." Explosions suddenly rocked Kaipora's perimeter, thick loud bursts. Wooden houses splintered in moments and stonework went flying into the air, but then slowed before it even began to fall, end eventually halted, before dancing back and forth between moving away from the explosion that had sent it flying and... moving back toward it. "Nasty stuff. You see, I found Tanzynite that actually tampers with the very flow of time. I was able to amplify but, but good heavens is that stuff impossible to control." The explosions formed a perfect circle around the town, and cannons fired up huge shards of Tanzynite which burst into the air, sending clouds sprinting between where they wanted to go and where they just were, and back again. It was just where Kavris had instructed them to place the shards. Suddenly the entire perimeter of the town was ripping apart between the right flow of time and the very very wrong flow of it. Some of the soldiers entering the city gates were torn apart as the air viciously threw everything it could back forth in an indecisive rage. "So you see, I didn't. I just compacted it into dense little shards and then all it took was putting it around the city and setting off explosives near it." Rebel soldiers began to expose themselves from houses and shops throughout the interior of Kaipora, where time still flowed normally, aiming towards the Imperial force that had already come through the gates. It became impossible to see outside of the city's perimeter as light was simply tossed around in the explosions' vicinity. Kavris threw the white flag-flare behind him like a child discarding a toy and drew his blade, pointing it up towards Isaac. The Tanzynite time bursts wouldn't hold forever, but Kavris would have as much fun as possible while they lasted. "Now then, my Imperial friend, it seems you and your men are just about trapped in a city full of rebels with no way out..." Kavris's smirk returned. "Looks like time's up."
  14. Kavris - Kaipora - Behind the door Shinobi could likely hear some shuffling and terse, hushed voices. Finally, a voice rose above the rest. "I've got it!" The voice sounded... joyful. Other voices joined in momentarily in some sort of protest. "No! N- I've got it! No! Shut up, I'm opening it!" The voice was getting closer as it spoke, as the other voices continued to protest. The nearing voice rang out again. "Nah nah nah, I can't hear you, nah nah nah, I'm opening the door!" As if they were covering their ears to blot out the words of others in the room. The door opened and Shinobi stood face to face with Kavris; a short black-haired human with a crisp shirt and vest on, and childish smirk on his face. In his hand was a small, stubby pole with a piece of white tapestry on it; a surrender flag. Thagmus Karn and his guards stood back a ways in the building, at the ready, and utterly shocked at the proceedings. Kavris frowned when he saw who the new visitor was. "Aww, hey you're not the empire."
  15. Kavris - Kaipora - "We're going to die!" The juices of the beef dripped off in fat droplets that splattered the plate a dirt-brown tinged with crimson as he bit into it. "Sir, we've raised the militia, if the attack comes, we'll be ready." "You've no way of knowing that you damn fool! They're the empire, of course we're not ready! Oh god, oh god, we're going to die!" As he plied the knife against the seared piece of flesh it tore aware at the fibers, bursting them open and exposing the succulent red center. "Sir, please calm down. We've sent messengers to neighboring cities, if their force is small enough we may drive them back unti-" "Until what!? Until Oryx gets it in his mind that we should just be burned off the map entirely? My wife, oh god, my wife." He raised the napkin to his mouth, dabbing gently at the corners as their pure white coloration warped into a darker hue, juice and flesh seeping into them. "We've got sentries posted now. Give the order and we'll ready more units on the walls." "Something, something there's got to be something. Some secret way out. Something the empire doesn't expect. We can't die here, there's got to be something, something so-" The voice of Thagmus Karn, Baron of the Coast-lands and de-facto leader of Kaipora cut off just as Kavris had finished folding his napkin. "You." Kavris turned and his eyes squinted up as his cheeks rose in the joyous smirk he loved to wear when he knew he had a room's attention. "Me?" He inquired like a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar. The syllable dripped with a sense of innocence and purity. The Baron looked less amused than Kavris felt. "Yes, you, my good friend eating my god damn steak, my alleged Tanzynite researcher genius. You. I didn't hire you for nothing you lazy piece of trash. You're supposed to have all these beautiful inventions for me, to make my city better, to help us, to defend us. Well, guess what, now I'm commanding you to bring me one of these magnificent Tanzynite solutions I give you so much gold and good food for. The damn empire is sitting on our doorstep, and I command you to stop them." Kavris yawned. This was a boring town. It had a moderately sized criminal underground, an utterly meager red-light district, and and utterly incompetent entertainment industry. He had long since stopped caring in the slightest about its well being or the well being of any of the pieces of garbage incarnate that dared to call themselves its citizens. But an invasion... an invasion was exciting. He stood up. "Well..." he began a listless traipse around the council chambers. The head of the guard watched him suspiciously. The head of the local banks crinkled his nose in attempt to see the man more clearly. The two concubines the Baron had neglected to dismiss lingered on the rooms periphery, with looks of quiet fear plastered across their face. "You're not beating them in a head-on battle, that's for sure. Your men would be slaughtered and bled on the fields, your people likely burned by their mages. You'd likely be drawn and quartered for your treason. No, no, head-on will never do." Kavris took quiet note of the increasing horror building on the Baron's face and took some delicious pleasure from it. "You could run. Take what you have and sail away. Unless of course they're expecting just that, keeping a fleet by the coast to rout your forces as you make an escape. Then we're back to the bleeding, and the burning, and the quartering..." The Baron's terror turned to anger. "Are you here to give us your song and dance, or do you have any real advice, you charlatan?" Kavris couldn't hide his smile as he moved to his bag in the corner of the chamber. "I do indeed. You see, we can't fight them head on, and we likely can't escape. But we can do something a larger army never expects an unguarded little city to do..." He pulled the glowing shard of solidified Tanzynite from the bag. It surged... breathed with a raw heat and burning orange light. Kavris' favorite experiment in the past few months. "...surprise them."
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