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  1. Hmmm this sounds like a very interesting position. I personally love the Kingdom Hearts series with all my heart. The game just always brings me this sense calm and relief. I play kh unchained x everyday and I always keep up with twitters and newsletter for not only Kingdom Hearts news in general but other square enix titles such Final Fantasy. I love to research things I enjoy such as gaming so that I'm always up to date with the current meta. I've always wanted to be more involved with community but I wasn't sure on how to do that so I decided to make a youtube/Twitch channel. My gamer tag is 13thFATE I'm currently working on setting up a Youtube and Twitch channel for Smash Bros (pretty much done just finishing up the last touches on my capture card). But not just that. I want to use those accounts to do let's plays and news reports for games such as Kingdom Hearts. This has been my dream (the youtube channel) for a while now and man am I excited to get it started. Hopefully I meet your criteria and thank you. Good luck to all applicants!
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