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  1. Well I think I cried a little bit, then some more, and then a little bit more. Turned the PS2 off and had something to eat, and realized I didnt save the game. Then I cried again.
  2. Thanks for the help! I beat the game! Again thanks guys.
  3. I'm at the Young Xehanort boss and I really cant seem to beat him. Is there any other quick way of getting more HP? Thanks for any help that people give me.
  4. Ok, I would of never noticed that I don't know. Maybe some are his own moves.
  5. I've finished the game and I have the "Ultima Weapon" but I can't seem to beat this boss. It's getting really frustrating and I would appreciate any help. If you have any stuff I should buy, I'm willing to listen. I don't know what kind of spells I should be using to beat this boss. Thanks for any help that anyone gives me.
  6. I thought I posted this topic on a "RE: Chain Of Memories" sub forum...
  7. Like the Topic Title says: Does anyone have any tips of leveling up faster? I've been playing for a long time and I keep getting stuck, so I wondered if there was anyway to get leveled up faster so this stops. Any help?
  8. I can already tell I'm stepping in to a nice community. Thanks for the reply's guys! ;D
  9. Hey! I'm Dave! I've been a huge KH fan ever since the first game. I have been members of other sites but never this one. I'm glad to be finally signed up!
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