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  1. Neither http://youtu.be/88GqlFrQeEE or
  2. Welcome to our brotherhood
  3. After tabuu death, the world of super smash has been in preace,but that was only ten years ago.when a new evil is unleashed in the world of smash.many fnighters has join this guy.but some fnighters have unite to take a stand.so WHO side are you are.?the rules:you can be ANY video game character.kh13 rules,no swearing,no god moding,no being anyone characters or killing characters without p.m me about it and to find out you read the rule you must tell me whice character in smash is your fav.charater sheet name: .from: .look: .side:.attecks: .bio: and last fanil smash: . Your have all powers you need now flight!
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