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  1. Returning: Twilight Town Yep Radiant Garden Yep. The Land of Dragons I actually want this. It could follow Mulan/Shang protecting the Princesses like in the sequel film. Pride Lands I want this too but I don't know if it'll happen. La Cite Des Cloches Didn't really like this one... Agrabah Good god no. No more. New Treasure Planet - Never seen it so not sure Pocahontas - Again, good idea! Toy Story - Everyone seems to want this... but eh. I don't know. It depends on the circumstances. Frozen - I can see this with Elsa being the "anti-hero". Atlantis - Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes! Star Wars (i think can work) - I suppose, but I'm not extatic about it. One's I'd consider (I wouldn't expect them all I'm just saying they're possible worlds I'd choose from)... 101 Dalmatians (Boss: Cruella/Party Member: N/A) The Jungle Book (Boss: Shere Khan/Party Member: Baloo) The Black Couldron (Boss: The Horned King/Party Member: Taran) The Great Mouse Detective (Boss: Professor Ratigan/Party Member: Basil) The Emperor's New Groove (Boss: Yzma/Party Member: Llama Kuzco) Princess and the Frog (Boss: Doctor Facilier/The Shadow Man/Party Member: Frog Tianna) Tangled: (Boss: Mother Gothel/Party Member: Flynn Rider) Wreck-It-Ralph (Boss: King Candy/Party Member: Wreck-It-Ralph) Wildcard Choices: The Incredibles (One of my all-time favourite films!) Brave Monsters Inc.
  2. I found it pointless to buy a PSP for one game, so I never even played the original BBS.
  3. I think it's great, but just to be nitpicky I'd of gotten rid of the 2nd Sora and just had Riku there parallel to Mickey. Then maybe small Kairi and Namine's or Kairi next to Roxas. But it's great artwork!
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. Would you like/of liked a third HD collection which included HD playable 365 Days, Re: coded with Dream Drop Distance also added games? Obviously it would mean alot of work for the developers, but would it be something you would of liked to have seen and/or like to see? Obviously, with Kingdom Hearts III on the horizon, it's borderline impossible that we'll be getting this though. But in the world of 'what if'...
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