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  1. I havent logged on here in AGES. Whats good people lol

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    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki


    3. Awesome Sauce

      Awesome Sauce

      15,000 guests on the site when we got the news from Paris Games week. I was celebrating that!

    4. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
  2. hey guys remember me? well im back! :D

    1. Sei


      Of course we remember !!

      Cap'tain of Randomnia Kingdom Knights and our official sandwiches maker xD

    2. Aros


      "we could never meet again, but we never forget each other" xD welcome back, captain ;)

  3. 2689 been so busy with school that I forgot about kh13, but I'm back (hopefully)
  4. 2686 The sandwich maker is back in all its glory
  5. Omg, when Kingdom Hearts III showed up, I nearly fanboyed, only to realize a few seconds later, I got trolled Dang it square
  6. how is everyone today! :)

    1. Yukiteru Amano

      Yukiteru Amano

      i just drank blue Hi-C

  7. I attempted him and only got 3 bars down, I'm gonna level up to level 99 and try again (I'm on proud BTW)
  8. i wont believe the 2015 kh3 relese date until theres a real trailer showing thr date

  9. im becoming less active on here bevause of school :/ Im not leaving, but i wont ve as active as i was a month ago

  10. Wow, havent been on this site in awhile 0_0 How is everyone! :)

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    2. TB298


      Ive been enjoying kh2.5 and spending time with family, but its glad to be back! :)

    3. Aru Akise

      Aru Akise

      Red, I won't allow anything happen to my dating spot.

    4. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Sky you're going to be a hero for us all

  11. 1. Decisive Pumpkin 2. Oblivion 3. Ultima Weapon 4. Fenir 5. Kingdom Key 6. Oathkeeper 7. Two Become One 8. Rumbling Rose 9. Sleeping Lion 10. Bond of Flame Honorable mentions: Circle of life, heros crest
  12. 2457 If I can "marry" christmas, ill probably be happy
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