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Everything posted by NijiNai

  1. What is your game ID Number/Nickname? Rebecca #6500 What level are you? 303 Soon 304. Why did you join the Leopardos union? I love cat type animals.... Are you a member of a party? My own party Shimmering Light If not, would you like to join one? No would you... What is your favorite medal? NO. 615 Young Kairi. but I don't use her... I just love how she looks.
  2. I been away from the game for awhile... Now catching up.
  3. started kingdom hearts x chi xD again been awhile got some time to play :P

  4. been playing dream drop distance on proud ;o so far so good

    1. CriticalAssension


      First time playing DDD?

    2. NijiNai


      nope had it on 3ds xD

  5. so i been getting interested in the trading cards of kh anyone know what i like can see a full list of them xD

  6. im playing kh1 again and just noticed genie said that he heard of a keyhole before... 200 years ago ....

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    2. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Well, if X happens 100 years befor KH1 then he was in the lamp at that time, right?

    3. NijiNai


      ye maybe one of the keyblade wielders us3d genie back then lol to find the keyhole or some dark person

    4. Xiro


      Nomuraretcon~ *rainbow appears*

  7. wtf my kh x party got two people with the name mike in it now...

  8. What lux rank are you in unchained

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    2. Felixx


      Indeed, I'm actually the leader of a KH13 party :D I would invite you, but we're currently full.

    3. NijiNai


      xD i got my own party atm also full
    4. Felixx
  9. when your playing khx and you see party called kh13 first >_> and your like... why am i not in it xD but okay i got a nice party myself~

  10. loving my first kh figure (sora kh 2)

  11. what the f.... is this mickey x riku thing D:

  12. .... why riku still short haired xD omg i loved his long hair!!!!!!!

    1. Power Jusho

      Power Jusho

      it hasn't been that long between KH3D and KH3

    2. Revolart


      Well he might grow some long hairs . The image we see is just from Kh2.8 prologue

    3. NijiNai


      I hope he does

  13. ordered my first kh figure KINGDOM HEARTS II PLAY ARTS KAI - Sora and a strap + Soundtrack BOX SET :D cant wait for them to come in now ahahha only ordered it like a min ago.. so gonna take awhile

  14. Why do I have to be sick

  15. god i want the owari no seraph novels<: but its still in jap

  16. Just saw the movie strange magic really liked it and its by disney kinda hopinh for it to be in kh now but probably wont haha

  17. my mom got one so everyone profits from it at home lol
  18. time for some kingdom hearts 1 ;o

  19. for me first run through is basically exploring and such mini games and all normally that is already 80+ hours lmao cant help to stop at everything <: so +200 for meh
  20. >:{ is there any leo party in unchained x yet?

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    2. NijiNai


      http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/mewrebecca/Mobile Uploads/Screenshot_2015-09-27-14-33-30_zpsdptfcpkj.png


    3. ssceles


      Ah, you got the 8 and the 5 switched around, that's what happened. We'll get you added to the team after maintenance. It's running long tonight. o3o

    4. NijiNai


      Oh I didnt notice lmao I just got home fromnwork

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