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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. they aren't staying it will release in august they just speculate that there sill be a update about the release date
  2. Yes that's true they may mess up whether its from anxiety or not but think about it a voice in a game is really is really important, but when millions of fans are depending on you, cant help but feel scared right? even a little bit
  3. Yes as a theorist i cannot just brush off the fact that they most likely have replacements but like the rest of the charecters they have been replaced by people who they auditioned. everyone has their opinion an i'm not saying MINE is right, but- we cannot brush off the fact that no one can get everything down on the first try. lets face it everyone gets anxiety when they do something for the first time, and new voice actors aren't any different. we do not have an offical release date and no matter what Nomura announces we cant be sure that that was his intended release date or something he had to improvise. but i will try to get into contact with square enix and or Mr. Nomura to see what they plan on doing
  4. Yes that may be, but lets speak "what if's" for a second what if they didn't plan a head for this, what if they don't have an understudy for Ōtsuka, what if there is no understudy for Nimoy. they chant just get anyone to replace them they have to have someone who can at least get close enough to the voice
  5. With Chikao Ōtsuka gone and Leonard Nimoy hospitalized, both voice actors for Master Xehanort will have to be replaced. Now since i know the voice acting auditions take time to do it will be a while before we get a confirmed new voice actor for Xehanort. now i have thought about this a lot and think that it may postpone Nomura's Intended release date for the game, I have a Speculation that the Game may be released Late 2016 early 2017. I think this mainly because of the voice acting auditions, these take from hours to days to weeks to months the be completed. And if it comes to that Japans release date will be pushed back farther and farther. Now for North America we have the luxury of having the voice actor - Leonard Nimoy - still around but hospitalized, if his conditions get any worse and he, and lets hope not, dies we would have to replace him but it may take even longer to produce the game. tell me what you guys think. do you think it will be postponed, pushed back, or stopped?
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