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  1. I'm on KH Final Mix Volume 2! So happy!

  2. Secret endings are hard to unlock!!!!!

    1. Emrys


      well if they were easy then they wouldn't be secret would they owo

    2. Akini Akahana Akiko
  3. So I beat Birth By Sleep as Ventus on 2.5 YAY ! But then I realize that I haft to go back and unlock the secret ending BOOO ! Can someone Pls tell me how to unlock the secret endings?
  4. Thanks so much everyone for your advice! Thanks to you guys I beat The game! So Thanks Again! :biggrin:
  5. Can anybody tell me what to use to beat Ansem on standard mode?
  6. OK! So that would mean that that is actually Pete it's just a past version of him. Btw, You made a very good point!
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