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  1. Everyone is making fun of the double characters, but that's incredibly common in concept art, because it's to show perspective in the background. Notice every character that's doubled is not the same size. When someone makes concept art and sends it off to whoever will render the bg in 3D, it helps them understand how the sizing will work.
  2. That makes complete sense. I can hear that version of Destati in the original KH trailer now. Thank you for clearing that up! Also, that's really cool that they did that.
  3. Well I mean I know that, but that version appears in the first disc of the soundtrack set. I'm talking about the one that's on disc 3.
  4. As I was listening to the KH 1.5 CDs, I listened to disc three and heard two tracks that I had no idea where they were used. The tracks were "Having a Wild Time -Previous Version-" and "Destati". I didn't even know there was a previous version to "Having a Wild Time" and I'm really confused if it's an unused track or if it appears somewhere in the game? And the "Destati" I don't know either, was it in Re:CoM at some point?
  5. The petition worked! http://bit.ly/se_music (My petition didn't do anything haha but at least they're releasing it to North America)
  6. Hey everyone, I know I'm not a very known member here, but I am a fan of Kingdom Hearts like all of you. Honestly, I don't really know if this petition will be successful but I figured why not, right? As it's unclear whetherSquare Enix has plans to release the CDs to American fans, I feel like to make sure it happens this petition will help sway them. It won't hurt anyone at least. So if you're interested, it would be great if you guys would sign it. It's really just a message showing that they'll make money from selling the CDs in America and that will only be made clear with a lot of signatures Thanks again! - AJ Link to the Petition: http://chn.ge/1uFmkKQ (P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong discussion thread, I wasn't sure if there was a different section this needed to be in)
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