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  1. Do you think its possible that KH3 will have a leveling system similar to that of the drive forms in KH2? For example: 1 successful hit dealt=1 attack stat EXP 1 successful hit blocked=1 defense stat EXP 1 successful spell casted=1 magic stat EXP This may also work for individual commands, magic spells,or even Limits used in this manner For example: Number of "Ars Arcanum"s used=Number of Ars Arcanum EXP Number of "Trinity Limit"s used=Number of Trinity Limit EXP Number of "Firaga" used=Mu,ber of Firaga EXP This style of level progression was seen in Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, to where commands in the command deck could be leveled up, as well as the keyblade that was equipped.This may be a possibility as it may change certain factors during gameplay. In the past, I was personally someone who would never guard against enemy attacks even though it could've saved me from many deaths,but I just didn't feel the need to,unless, it helped improve my defense which in turn increases damage reduction Also,instead of using Reflectga during a boss fight,I would probably use either dodge roll,quick run,or glide to escape most situations.However,if this new system were to be added,I would probably choose to use Reflectga more often as it may increase the damage dealt to the opposing enemy,rather than just evading the enemy without damaging it. And honestly,who doesn't love being overpowered with just normal attacks without having to use any magic or limits or link styles?People who enjoy this satisfaction will be able to just focus on attack stat grinding if this was the case. All in all,this way of level progression,if implemented,will be a game-changing factor. Whether it be speedruns, 100% Let's Plays,or just a playthrough,this system will create a new element not just in Kingdom Hearts 3, but also future titles.
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