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  1. ok so when it is in the game and so many haters spam kh game makers and you never get another kh game again its all on yyyyyyyoooouuuu
  2. in all honesty everyone fell so inlove with Elsa that saying this game wont have her is like saying we wont have ice cream in 120 degree weather.
  3. Emma Hinton

    Heartless nom noms

    too cute to kill to evil to live
  4. i can smell you.

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    2. Dave
    3. Stray Reaper

      Stray Reaper

      Sorry I thought the ash wasn't that noticiable

    4. Emma Hinton

      Emma Hinton

      Ok I see were this got off but i still smell you in that security office and the smell is coming through the vent. 0v0


  5. Emma Hinton

    kinda sad

    simple from behind of axel
  6. My only problem with this is why have a channel fan base we dont even get to make any decesions about the game or plot the game makers do. the only good thing this place is for is cool fan art. :angry:
  7. Emma Hinton

    Axels Sora drawing

    Axel was asked to draw sora.. that should be a good enough explanation
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