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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I like how this got no responses for the first two days, so I decided to try hard anyways, got all the gummi treasures (meaning s-ranking everything and finding all the hidden stuff), and got the secret ending last night. And only now am I getting responses So to answer my own question and others- yes you have to get s rank and all the treasures. (You dont have to s-10 it all though) EDIT: Oh derp I didn't mention this is for Standard difficulty. I'm sorry!
  2. I apologize if this is a repeated topic. I'm on a quest to unlock the 2nd secret ending for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Kh 2.5). I have done everything save for the gummi missions. According to many sources, you have to "clear all the gummi missions" in order to unlock the secret ending (along other things). But what do them mean by clearing all the gummi missions? Do I simply need to unlock all the ex missions and then just simply clear/beat them, regardless of score? Or do I need to be a try hard and get S rank everything, 100% treasures, S-10 it all? So which is it, cause I have not found a clear answer yet (and Ive googled everywhere. INB4 the answer was in a link somewhere easy to find). Also people have ask this question before on several other sites and the answer is usually the same thing: Someone copy and pasting the requirements from the wiki. Or people saying "I heard you need to do so and so"So please avoid answering with speculations- if you know for sure what needs to be done, than please answer. It be really great if you can confirm for yourself that you have unlocked the secret ending on standard.
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