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  1. Okay so I know some if not a lot of fans are iffy on the inclusion of Marvel and Star Wars characters in Kingdom Hearts III. I for one grew up on Marvel TV shows and would love to fight along side some of my favorite superheroes. Anyways I thought of a pretty cool idea on how to include The Hulk and Iron Man. Have Master Xehanort try to turn The Hulk into a Heartless or a Nobody. Bruce Banner would turn into The Hulk because he is having problems controlling the darkness within him due to Master Xehanort's manipulation. (This could be similar to how Xaldin tried to turn The Beast into a heartless and nobody). Then Sora could team up with Iron Man in his Hulk-Buster armor to defeat the darkness enraged Hulk. It would be such a fun fight and could be a neat story line. Though the chances of this happening are pretty slim, I would love to know what you all think!
  2. Okay so I just noticed this the other day while I was playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix on the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix collection. Each Absent Silhouette is placed in a specific location for a specific reason. Here are the reasons for their locations: -Marluxia Is placed in the beast's room near his flower because Marluxia's element is flowers. -Larxene is placed on Isla de Muerta in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, because similar to a pirate, she is a traitor to Organization 13 -Lexaeus is placed in the Sandlot where the struggle battles are held to determine who is the strongest person in Twilight town similar to how Lexaues is the physically strongest Organization member. -Zexion is placed in the Underworld because he mostly resides in the basement of castle oblivion and uses dark magic and the power of illusions to fight. Now the reason for this thread is I cannot figure out why Vexen is placed in the peddlers shop in Agrabah and I haven't found the answer on google. I was wondering if anyone knew why or would like to discuss why. Also I'd love to discuss the other absent Silhouette locations to see if anyone else noticed this.
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