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  1. Doesn't Donald already do that? "I got it!" "Donald can you get the one over-" "I go it!" "No not that one, the Assault Ri-" "I got it!" "Okay fine whatever, can you at least heal me?" "..." "..." "..." "...God dammit Donald."
  2. I'd love to have the ability to manipulate time (pausing, slowing down, etc.). It would make getting all of my schoolwork done painless (almost) and it would be really fun to mess around with, as bad of an idea as that is. It would also essentially grant you superspeed if you slowed down time and walked/ran somewhere, even if it still feels like normal time to you. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Yup. I just bought a wooden replica of Pumpkinhead over summer vacation!
  4. I think Ed Asner could get close. I haven't seen much of his work, but I remember mistaking him as Nimoy when I first heard his role as Hephaestus (the blacksmith) in the beginning of the Justice League Unlimited episode "Hawk and Dove". Here's a link if you're curious http://www.toonova.com/justice-league-unlimited-episode-4. He doesn't sound quite like Nimoy but I think he's as close as we're going to get.
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