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  1. So, in anticipation of the upcoming release (please let this finally be it!!!), I've been replaying all of the Kingdom Hearts games. I'd love for my wife to play them too, since I know she's never going to sit through the hours of watching me play and she'd like to know what I'm raving about all the time. I know that on Youtube, they have KH "movies" with all the cutscenes from the games, but after watching the KH 358/2 days cutscenes on KH 1.5, there were obvious blank spots. So originally I thought to myself, there must be someone who laced the KH COM cutscenes and the KH 358/2 Days cutscenes together to make it less choppy and fill in the blanks, but as far as I can find, no one has thought of that. Then I wondered to myself why no one had thought to put all of the cutscenes from all the KH games together into one giant movie! It would probably be around 20+ hours long, but there's no reason it couldn't be done in parts, but put together in a more cohesive way. Do you all know of anyone that has done that or started work on something like that? I think it would take a couple people to get it done.
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