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  1. Well, I got Kairi so that tells you everything....
  2. I found that one fun after I figured out how to do it which I searched up That's the only one I was stuck on as I didn't know what to do
  3. ....fair Oh, the one I found really difficult is the doctor one I think it was called doctor The one where you start from the bottom and have to reach the top while dodging enemies
  4. Just a simple puzzle of cutting the grass with least amount of steps
  5. I would have liked seeing that for the max level Doesn't need to be a huge difference, but something small
  6. But I disagree A big problem with previous games is that if you wanted to use a keyblade because of it's design/power/whatever then chances are high you can't because of how weak it is This is not an issue with KH3 (except Ultima and maybe even the Toon one) as you can just upgrade them and still use the one you want without any issues
  7. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Only thing that has carried over is Norman Reedus being the main character
  8. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    He was working on Silent Hilss
  9. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    The development Shigi got is just damn good
  10. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Holy firetruck, all the Shigi faces are gold this chapter
  11. Otti#8624

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    Japan got even more strict with the leaks, so the leakers took a bit of a break to lay down with it
  12. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Both, but feet got more attention
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