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Everything posted by Otti#8624

  1. Aqua does too, but not similar to what Ven has This is Terra's from Remind
  2. I am liking the build up for it
  3. If his son died, that's on him and not Larry
  4. I get his anger and where it's coming from
  5. Now I need a Terra one like this
  6. First the Larry stuff then Manny and Baby Doll
  7. Those last 10 or so minutes were just unsettling
  8. That half afro on Cyborg is just amazing
  9. Man, I couldn't stop laughing at it
  10. I need a spin off of Steel and Stone
  11. Gotham was campy as hell and I love the show for that And I doubt we are ever getting a version of the Mad Hatter as the one Gotham gave us in a long time
  12. I never read it, but heard it was good
  13. It was the small blonde kid and edgy wind guy
  14. I remember the isekai He and two of the other friends
  15. Did the anime come out first or the toys
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