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  1. Or the ones after without the armor where the plate goes up and Xehanort turns you into Rage
  2. From up and down, to swimming to staying in the air
  3. Yeah, but then how will the set pieces fit in
  4. Xemnas having a Nobody bar And YX being an asshole bar
  5. Like, use the flower one as an example, destory the armor and it gets new moves Same happened with Xehanor when we took down the armor Just didn't have the silver color or the name pop up
  6. Would be neat, but it doesn't really matter as the end result is the same in the end
  7. It just didn't have a bar that said "ARMOR BAR" on top or the silver color
  8. > But its an armor bar hes wearing armor To be fair, we had to defeat the armor before we got to the real fight So technically, we did defeat the armor part first
  9. Because his health was alread long, along with the boss having 3 phases
  10. That was early into development, so a scratched idea
  11. Yeah, but KH has never been like any other RPG
  12. What each world did was less showing or telling you about the main story but rather the theme of the world being what fuels the main one. Frozen, Tangled and Pirates was about sacrifice for your loved one. Olympus was about the strength to protect others, Toy Story and BH6 was about what the Norts were up to with the Replicas and what they are improving with them.
  13. No, but I see why they would pay more attention there than an og one
  14. Whether you think Disney are filler or important/not important, Marsh isn't really wrong about the core gameplay being centered around Disney
  15. No, it's clearly a place left for dead with no one there anymore
  16. I don't think Scala is fully mapped in any way It was just one big room for the battle and the rest were boss areas Xehanort made I would love for it to be expanded upon and see more of it It looks dope
  17. Yeah, I meant that more on a technicality
  18. Well, a dark and ruined Insomnia but still
  19. There are definitely some stuff they should have kept or added
  20. I agree with that but also not really
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