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Everything posted by Otti#8624

  1. He pretty much explained why I am not that excited for this
  2. Should I start calling you Kyle now
  3. Are you going back to Kyle
  4. ....what does that mean
  5. @teh lazy prince Xylek what's with the 3 days thing
  6. Especially when the fight against freaking Deathstroke was in a batmobile and not hand in hand
  7. I found it to be a bit too much
  8. Arkham Knight wasn't really bad Other than the bad PC port And the excessive amount of Batmobile
  9. Suicide Squad wasn't exactly that, especially with it being a live service one Not that all live service are bad, I just prefer single player games
  10. Ah well I was hoping for another DC game
  11. Hmmmm That can work Maybe make it a bit faster Or have it be like upgrades so you get faster later on
  12. Like, what goals can you set in the world or what kind of story can you tell around it
  13. Would be fun to just run around as Flash But it kinda falls into the same issue as Superman How do you make it more than just fun
  14. Wondy game would have been amazing More or less Superman but can make it more grounded
  15. When I saw Superman in the poster I was so damn firetrucking excited Aaaaaand then it turns out to be Suicide firetrucking Squad I mean, it's an interesting team and I like the characters in them But firetruck I got blue balled
  16. Well Eurogamer initially "leaked" this Suicide Squad game back in June, saying that it will be announced at DC Fandome But they also mentioned a Batman game will be shown So there might be something
  17. Aw man, this game has been rumored for a while and one of the things said about it is this being a games as a service 😔
  18. The way it just dragged Kipling was scary
  19. Kipling's was just terrifying tho
  20. I liked Rita's the most tho, it was really unique
  21. That was just amazing
  22. We need one with Larry and Jane too
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