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  1. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Did they say why they would do it?
  2. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Wait, what death threats
  3. And look where he ended up
  4. Smooth And dope I want to try that Probably going to end up hitting my face but yeah
  5. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Never heard of that But Norway is full of mountains, so probably is a place like that
  6. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    It's depressing here too
  7. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Can't wait for the next one
  8. Well, that's a lot more than I thought
  9. Here I am having a Superman PFP who embodies hope
  10. But I guess hope can be seen as light
  11. Thought you meant before and after Final World
  12. Because I have no clue what you mean there
  13. No, I am not trying to argue here. I am genuinely trying to understand your point
  14. I don't really get your point as both saved him, esto
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