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  1. They grew up as siblings, she sees him as a brother and he sees her as a sister. But every two seconds his name comes up for her she just blushes right away
  2. @OrpheusJoshua I hate the incest shit
  3. Is it important or just some extra stuff
  4. It still goes in Fan Art Chat
  5. Like you know the ridiculous side stories in the Yakuza games? This manga is that
  6. This is the most Yakuza like manga there is
  7. Lightning Bolt At least it's better than what Elon Musk named his kid
  8. Geoff Johns is still on it so I am fine
  9. Do I have to use them in a specific area
  10. Ohhhh So I can make myself OP as firetruck?
  11. So what are Shining Poms I have something called Shining Pom bait that I can use but not sure what it does
  12. I got the deluxe rod Did not make it easier
  13. @OrpheusJoshua is there a way to make fishing easier cause it's gotten annoyingly hard suddenly
  14. Yeah I know, but I don't remember what rank I am on haha
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