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Everything posted by Otti#8624

  1. Nothing really I would just think you have shit taste
  2. Is Fairy Tail really your favorite series
  3. I tried watching the reboot, did not enjoy it
  4. Next friday Hopefully I get my copy by then
  5. I might finish it before Ghost of Tsushima is out
  6. @OrpheusJoshua how many chapters are there?
  7. Not that long A few hours from Oslo
  8. Rean doesn't really so far honestly Other than
  9. So the guy voicing Akechi is also playing a detective here huh
  10. ...why did you think I would like the Crossbell characters more then
  11. Aah Surprised Machia isn't a disliked one Or the tall lancer dude Man, I always forget him
  12. Why are the others disliked More specifically Laura
  13. I mean, if you are lucky and find a decent job here you can survive
  14. Cause so far there's nothing else to her character
  15. This honestly just makes me dislike Elise rather than like her
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