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  1. Hi Dr. Bowessarth here I would love to join the team, but i'm not the best at writing. I do keep checking for new info on KHUx whenever possible and I've played through everything KH game except for coded and khx (but I've played recoded and am LOVING KHUx) i would love to help out the community of KH and I am learning Japanese at the moment. It would be an honor to work for the kh community and I would gladly volunteer for anything I can help with. (I'll try to get an essay I recently wrote for a story asap)
  2. Im recruiting for EG in KHUX if anyone is interested. I dont change my avatar that much at all.
  3. Shield if I had 20 dollars I would love that but idk how I would pay you and also you know what my char looks like already because of the team -Dr. B I need to change my profile pic to match my current character lol
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