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  1. hey how are you :)

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    2. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      I see and good to hear that you are fine and what type of update problems are u having i could give u a hand if i can i mean if ur struggling you might want a helping hand

    3. Shadez


      Sorry for late answer btw! But ive made a post about my problem :P if you go and look at my recent posts, it's about updating from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 on a android " Samsung galaxy s4 " and it just keeps telling me (app not installed) everytime I finish the update etc :/

    4. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Maybe you haven't installed something that the software needs to use to update it

  2. I'm gonna assume you tried downloading it again to see if it solved the problem, or did you just completely ignore it? :PI gotta agree the story is quite weak but still a fun game to play, don't wanna throw all those hours away for nothing! And besides, hoping for a transfer from japaneese to english version when it get's released.
  3. Hello everyone! So it's pretty much what the topic is saying. I can't seem to update my KH unchained x from version 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 ( I tried updating it to 1.0.4 aswell bit didnt work ). Ive tried updating it from APK and Qoo app, the download works but once it is complete it just tells me "App not installed" and I have enough memory space for the update and I got a samsung galaxy s4. Sadly I can't try uninstalling the game since I havent made a backup. So any help on this would be appreticiated!
  4. So I dunno where else to ask about this but! I seem to have problems with updating my KH Unchained X from version 1.0.3 to version 1.0.5. When I try to update it from https://apkpure.com/region-free-apk-download it just keeps telling me "App not installed" once the installation is complete. and ive tried downloading all versions (1.0.3 / 1.0.4 / 1.0.5) but all of them are just giving me the same answer. So if anyone happens to know how to fix this, then please pm me back
  5. Can't seem to update my KH unchained x from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5..Help is needed!

  6. Alexa did you use the same download code as you used to download the game for the first time? And did you choose to overwrite your old KHUx in the process? Dont want to loose my saved data so I need want be sure
  7. Id love to get it aswell. Cant seem to find any other way to update it "playing on a android"
  8. Ssceles, I tried to update it thru the app you mentioned but sadly I didnt install the game from there, I installed it thru a website and now when im trying to update it, it's just telling me that this app "KHUx" is not installed on this device. Any advice on what I can do from here? Didnt save my character on Twitter either.
  9. Got the exact problem, i tried installing a 2nd version of the game "didnt wanna risk my saved data by reinstalling it" and it sais on both files (App is not installed on this device) ps:Using a android.
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