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  1. I'm just trying to get it out there that modders are hogging the top ten of every union. My vulpes party has been the #1 legitimate party for a week now and my players are discouraged that every week we go from 5 to 11 because of all the modders. most parties in the top 10 have less that 5 people in them. My members have worked really hard at maintaining our spot at number 1 and i this kind they deserve the rewards being taken from us by people who disrespect this great game square has put out there for us, if you ask me all theset modders are the traitor of light
  2. DreamDrop is a Tier 1 Rank 17 party, we are looking for more serious member who want to reach the top, if you are interested please apply via recruit or contact me. https://discord.gg/0yDpTYpOiC44S43L
  3. Hi vulpes, if anyone is looking for a hard core party we are tier 1 Rank 21 and climbing, and looking for other serious players in the top 1500 union rank. if you are interested please apply via recruit to DreamDrop
  4. dream Drop is a extremely active brand new party that has been able to reach tier 1 in just 2 weeks!please apply looking for more players in lux ranking 1000 and higher
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