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  1. This is post DDD. The characters have their emotions and that wil bring them up and down
  2. I tried to include characters we've seen fight in the story, not just gameplay, but I say below Riku.
  3. Who are the strongest Kingdom Hearts Characters? My view of it so far? Leaving out certain characters like Yen Sid. 0- Kingdom hearts (this is for fun but im sure someone gets what Im pointing at. One shots Ansem) 1- Master of Masters. Guy in black coat of back cover trailer. Self explanatory in his name. Prediction. 2- Fortellers- Taught by the master and have large amounts of students. 3- Xehanort. Again self explanatory as to why he's most likely the final boss of KH3 4- Aqua. Okay, from what we've seen, amd especially in 0.2 with her broken ass magic, we can assume aqua has keyblade master status for a reason. And she would've got it even facing a probably harder target than the light balls. She is quite skilled. 5- Riku. People aren't gonna like this but he does have control of both the light and darkness inside him, and this is based from DDD events. Can do things number 6 cant, only reason hes ranked one higher. 6- Mickey - Keyblade master for yeaaars. Not sure if his heart is that strong though. He often saves our heroes. 7- Sora. We know his heart is probably the strongest in the series, but as shown in DDD, hes basically a glass cannon in the story. He needs a bit more toning but he will rise up the ranks during KH3. Predicted he will be #4 or 5 by the time he gets his new outfit, or maybe halfway through KH3. 8- Xemnas- bit self explanatory. But he cant really acess Kingdom Hearts anymore. 9- Roxas (whatever, yeah he's almost as strong as sora, but sora has better control of the keyblade) 10- Ansem - again, self explanatory. But as why hes under Roxas is due to the idea that post Days Roxas can defeat him. It was Riku using Ansems form that defeating him. 11- Terra. Terra hasn't really been himself lately. (you dont say?) but due to his darkness, hes more like a KH1 Riku if he came back right now. Strong but confused. Most of this is prediction 12- Xigbar and Saix/ Braig and Isa 13- Tie between Ventus, post training Lea and post training Kairi. 
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