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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. This is post DDD. The characters have their emotions and that wil bring them up and down
  2. I tried to include characters we've seen fight in the story, not just gameplay, but I say below Riku.
  3. Who are the strongest Kingdom Hearts Characters? My view of it so far? Leaving out certain characters like Yen Sid. 0- Kingdom hearts (this is for fun but im sure someone gets what Im pointing at. One shots Ansem) 1- Master of Masters. Guy in black coat of back cover trailer. Self explanatory in his name. Prediction. 2- Fortellers- Taught by the master and have large amounts of students. 3- Xehanort. Again self explanatory as to why he's most likely the final boss of KH3 4- Aqua. Okay, from what we've seen, amd especially in 0.2 with her broken ass magic, we can assume aqua has keyblade master status for a reason. And she would've got it even facing a probably harder target than the light balls. She is quite skilled. 5- Riku. People aren't gonna like this but he does have control of both the light and darkness inside him, and this is based from DDD events. Can do things number 6 cant, only reason hes ranked one higher. 6- Mickey - Keyblade master for yeaaars. Not sure if his heart is that strong though. He often saves our heroes. 7- Sora. We know his heart is probably the strongest in the series, but as shown in DDD, hes basically a glass cannon in the story. He needs a bit more toning but he will rise up the ranks during KH3. Predicted he will be #4 or 5 by the time he gets his new outfit, or maybe halfway through KH3. 8- Xemnas- bit self explanatory. But he cant really acess Kingdom Hearts anymore. 9- Roxas (whatever, yeah he's almost as strong as sora, but sora has better control of the keyblade) 10- Ansem - again, self explanatory. But as why hes under Roxas is due to the idea that post Days Roxas can defeat him. It was Riku using Ansems form that defeating him. 11- Terra. Terra hasn't really been himself lately. (you dont say?) but due to his darkness, hes more like a KH1 Riku if he came back right now. Strong but confused. Most of this is prediction 12- Xigbar and Saix/ Braig and Isa 13- Tie between Ventus, post training Lea and post training Kairi. 
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