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  1. I've just got my first smartphone yesterday it's android. But it keeps on crashing not only KHUX but my other game apps too. For KHUX it crashes during the tutorial and I have no clue what to do. I looked online but don't see anyone with the same issues. Anyone here know what to do? D':
  2. @The Transcendent Key - Wow! Thank you! Such a fast reply! x3 I'm glad you enjoy it! I'm super happy for your comment!
  3. A/N: Hello! And welcome to my first ever KH fanfiction! This is my attempt at creating a retelling of the KH series from KH1 and onward. This story will have many alterations from canon - two major examples being a universe where Sora, Riku, and Kairi are best friends who have an unbreakable and fully trusting friendship/relationship. And where King Mickey, fearing the worst is upon them - created a 'Council Of Light' in order to prepare for an inevitable war. This universe will be a bit more darker atmosphere wise (there won't be any blood or gore save for a few cuts and such tho) and the darkness is a lot more ravenous and destructive than in canon. There will be worlds that appeared in KH1 that are swallowed up by darkness early on as well as new worlds that have not been in the KH series yet. The good guys WILL lose battles in the beginning and the darkness will be more powerful than canon. I will be putting a bigger empathize on minor/Disney characters and will give alternate storylines for each world. This will be a long saga and I hope you all enjoy what I have in store! A warning however, my updates are sporadic and thus I cannot give a definite answer when a new chapter will be made, I apologize in advanced. So! Let's get this show on the road! :'] [This is also uploaded on KH Insider and soon on AO3!] Hope you enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Outshine Act I "Starless" Across the expansive backdrop of the midnight sky lied a canvas of jewel like lights that twinkled merrily through the dark. It was times like these that Mickey Mouse was glad things were generally peaceful in his world. Stargazing was an enjoyable pastime in which he could relax and let the burdens of kingship slip away, if only for an hour or two. Under the cosmos he was not a ruler – but just another normal, average mortal in the eyes of the universe that would never judge him or anyone else for that matter. As he stared at the stars above his joy quickly evaporated as the sight of one of the pinpricks of light winked out of existence. 'Gosh, another star gone – and so soon...' Wide cartoonish eyes stared at the spot where a world once stood a frown curling on his visage. If something wasn't done soon the night sky he loved so much would be starless. Mood ruined the tiny king jumped down from his sitting position on the windowsill of one of Disney Castle's high towers. It seemed that things were getting worse out there. More worlds were being devoured by the Heartless every night it seemed. It was saddening to know that more innocent hearts were suffering because of the growing darkness.The sadness slowly and steadily churning into grief and anger as a angry scowl appeared on the royal mouse's face as he traveled further within in the castle walls from the tower above. 'I haft ta do something! I can't let this continue anymore! Too many lives are at stake!' He thought furiously as he marched towards his office not even noticing as his dear beloved queen – Minnie Mouse called out to him until her white gloved hand fell on his small shoulder causing him to nearly jump ten feet in the air. "Gah! G-Gosh Minnie – ya scared me!" He yelped surprised as he turned around ending up practically nose to nose with the love of his life. Her hands were on her hips as she gave him a stern stare before it dispersed into a small, amused smile. "Mickey dear, I called you three times and couldn't get your attention! You should be more observant!" She admonished lightly as the king blushed embarrassed. "Gee, you're right Minnie! I guess I got a lot on my mind is all." He confessed with an upset expression. Worry spread on the female mouse's face as she held her lover by the sides of his face. "You know you can talk to me about anything dear... Whatever is bothering you, tell me – it's not good to burden your heart with heavy feelings." Putting a hand on her's he gave a comforting warm smile as he nodded. He pulled away with a sigh as he beckoned her to follow him towards his office. Once inside he made his way to his chair behind the large desk as Minnie stood in front of it her hands clasped lightly. "It's about tha' stars – another one went out tonight." A small gasp escaped the dress wearing anthromorph as her hands flew up to her mouth in reflex. "Another?!" A solemn nod was her answer as she looked down worriedly. "That's why I've decided... to call upon the council." Mickey said seriously his expression hardened. "The council? Is it really at that point...?" She questioned fearing that the worst has already happened. "No, not yet at least – but – I can't sit around any longer we hafta act before it's too late!" A sigh escaped the queen's lips as she nodded with a tiny reassuring smile. "I see – very well, I agree but only if you let me in on the meetings – I wish to be present for them. This concerns me as queen as well you know!" Knowing that he couldn't argue with his wife on the subject he gave a nod and a smile before pressing a large red button on the corner of his desk. A newly installed monitor by his good friends Chip and Dale – turned on showing the face of a white furred, female mouse with blonde hair and a pair of goggles on her head. "Gadget? What are you doin' there? Where's Chip n' Dale?" Inquired the confused monarch as the inventor looked up from whatever she was working on. "Oh! Your majesty! Sorry, Chip n' Dale went out to oversee the new shipments of gummi blocks we ordered! It's just little ol' me at the moment –how can I help you today?" She squeaked wiping a smudge off her face as queen Minnie giggled lightly at the tinkering mouse, as she had come around to her husband's side of the desk to hear the conversation better. "Oh, right – I need ya to get a hold of Donald, Daisy, and Goofy as well as..." He breathed in a serious expression replacing his amused one. "It's time to call upon the council." He stated with conviction. As Gadget's blue eyes widened in shock before she straightened her spine and saluted respectively towards her king and queen. "Yes sir! Your majesty! It will be done at once! Gadget over and out!" As the screen went black the diminutive king rose from his large comfy chair as he turned towards his wife. "Welp, it'll take until morning for the whole council to arrive – master Yensid and Merlin withstanding, so I think we should turn in for the night." The couple agreed that sleep was needed to wake up bright and early for the coming dawn. It would be a big eventful day tomorrow after all... With that both King and Queen mice headed to their rooms to sleep. Meanwhile far across the sea of stars on a tiny island world sat three young teenagers on a curved palm tree that held strange star shaped fruits."Hey, do you guys really think we'll see other worlds when we get on the raft tomorrow?" Questioned a young boy with suntanned skin, oddly spiky brown hair, and eyes as bright as the mid-noon sky. "Don't tell me you're doubting everything now, Sora?" Came the teasing voice of another male his voice slightly deeper. He had moonspun silver hair that reached past his earlobes, slightly pale skin, and mature looking aquamarine green eyes – ones that shone with a powerful determination and a hint of amusement. "Of course not Riku! I'm just wondering! I mean – how long will it take? The other worlds are far away right? Scattered, just like Kairi's Grandma's story said!" The silver haired boy gave a grunt before replying "Who knows? It might take one day or even a week – we can't predict these things." A soft obviously feminine voice giggled lightly at her friends antics. The third of the trio and the only girl had eyes as blue and beautiful as the ocean. Her skin was on the fair side and her hair was a bright fiery red. "If you're so worried Sora then we can stock up on more food! Besides, I'm sure the journey won't be too long and if it is – you can always sleep through it, you lazy bum~"A huff was heard as the brunette whined childishly at his friend's nickname for him. "Kairi~! I told you not to call me that!" The other two children broke out into laughter – Riku's a bit more subdued than his female friend – as Sora pouted obviously not pleased with their teasing. "Well then, see you guys tomorrow!" Kairi called out as she made her way to the rowing boats. "And don't you dare sleep in you lazy bum~!" She added loudly in a singsong voice. An indignant shout of "Hey!" Was heard as Riku made his way past his friend to his own rowboat –Sora quickly catching up to go to his own. The day had ended on their little slice of paradise as the three best friends dreamed of the adventures that they would soon experience. Unknowing of what the future held as the night skies darkened with storm clouds and yet another star blinked out.
  4. Hello~! I originally went by Tsunayoshi on here but lost access to my old account due to getting a new computer (my other one broke) and losing the account name and password (as well as my email). I'm such a dame ;w; Anyways, this is just my reintroduction! I'm also gonna post up my KH fanfiction here called "Outshine [Re:Construction]" which I also have up on KHI under the name Tsunayoshi! I will also have it up on AO3 as well so please look forward to it! ^^; Anyways, glad to be back! :'D ~Ciao, Tsunayoshi
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