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  1. LuxuXehanort

    Top 10 Show-Stopping Disney Songs

  2. LuxuXehanort

    Favorite music from the series?

    1: Fate of the unknown 2: Dark impetus 3: Vector to the Heavens 4: Dearly beloved back cover edition 5: L'Oscurita dell'Ignot
  3. I think its more on the lines of Luxu being Xehanort and Eraquss' master or that their master was his apprentice, not that Luxu is the main villian. But we won't know till kh 3. EDIT: forgot to ask, snd lnks pls.
  4. LuxuXehanort

    Anyone purchased from playasia before

    So does anyone have any experience with them? I've been trying to get a refund and an answer from there customer service for about three days now, they've answered me on one occasion but I had a dispute with them over the order due to them nt answering me in over a day. How long does it typically take to get a answer?
  5. LuxuXehanort


    I NEED IT!
  6. LuxuXehanort

    Custom KH-themed controllers

    sell theme could make some money.
  7. Dragon Quest however sells very high on nintendo consoles, where as kingdom hearts doesn't, cause if so why din't they re release ddd on wii u, it certainly has the power to run it and it has a touch screen too. Many kh fans are on pl.aystation. In fact I was suprised at th xbox one announcement for kh 3 myself. Again though as I said I hope they do release it or atleast port it to the switch at some point but I don't see it releasing on the switch on the day kh 3 does.
  8. I understand the want for it, but I don't see it happening just because the switch will be a new console. Sure it can run it and all but I think square woukd stay away for the time being since not many people woukd have a switch. But I mean by all means if they releaseit oj the switch fantastix, I can then buy a switch and kh3 and get my mom into kh possibly. Heres to the future.
  9. LuxuXehanort

    Nintendo switch preorders

    I'd go sit outside gamestop from midnight to 10 am if I had the money and coukd but I can't so thats not an option. I'm having more problems with playasia then nintendo though.
  10. LuxuXehanort

    Nintendo switch preorders

    So my local gajestop said their allowed to take 15 preorders. I kniw big cities like new york got more probably but still thats ridiculous my local gamestop said they had over 50 people on the watchlist and they get 15 preorders only. Well there goes another nintendo console that will be worth $700 online if not more due to low stock/quantities of dispatch. My grammar is horrendous on a tablet.