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  1. On and off for the past couple of months, I've been translating Kingdom Hearts mechanics into a tabletop setting, with a couple of friends suggesting ideas here and there. If I had to put a percentage of completion, I would say it's about 85%. I'm gonna need some help if I want to actually see this through. People wanting to contribute should only be looking for four experiences. A. Bestiary entries, made from a predetermined list of "tiers". B. Establishing Synthesis Recipes in the vein of KH1 and KH2, and assigning item drops towards completed bestiary entries. C. Translating information into Rulebook entries that are easy to read and understand. D. Playtesting and offering balance changes towards the players and enemies. This is a labor of love and a project that I wanted to see if I can do. But I've clearly underestimated my time-balance for this summer. I very much think this won't get published, due to the nature of copyright. More of a roleplay system that fans of Kingdom Hearts can use and run games with. You can PM me on Discord (@Starlight#3892) if you are interested, or reply to this thread (or DM here? I guess?) with your information. I appreciate your time, no matter what.
  2. I've been working on a personal project, and I need a video showing all of the typical commands you can get through the Matrix! Anyone that can help me or point me in the right direction will be heavily appreciated!
  3. Here are the circumstances for what happened, just so it makes a little more sense. So, before I start the Xemnas Battle, I decide to update the game in the background so I can install it once I'm done WITH the battle. This might be what caused this glitch, but be aware that it didn't apply/install the update AT ALL. Only downloaded it onto the system. I go through all the phases of the Xemnas Fight and I get to the amazing last cutscene. You all know it like the back of your hand. The note and the bottle and all that jazz. Well, Riku hands Sora the letter to read, the screen fades to black and...that's it. That's literally all I see. Black. I kind of find it ironic that the game crashes in pure Darkness, which is agreeing with Riku's phrase of "If we choose between light or darkness, we'll be the darkness," or whatever he said. Befitting, really. This, obviously, is making me quite upset that this happened. I JUST made an account so I can see if anyone else is having such a problem, or if it's just an issue with the disk. I would not be surprised if it just the disk, but I'm sharing this information to vent my frustrations and see if any other people had this problem. UPDATE: I'm not sure what version I was in. If the Xemnas Final Fight was still bugged, then I probably was v1.00. I'll update the game and then see if the crash with the final cutscene is still there. Thanks in advance for reading!
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