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    KH2FM - Woody & Buzz models

    Unused models extracted from the game disc.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Watch - Crown key icon -

    From the Disney Lifestyle Collection, by ZOZOTOWN Rendez-Vous.
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    KH13 is Searching to Add to Our Super Rad Staff!

    Hey there, I'm Dylan or DK for short. Whew... how to NOT make this too bloated? I'll be frank. My impressionable 8 year old self was AWESTRUCK at first glimpse of the original Kingdom Hearts trailer that aired back in '02 on channels like Cartoon Network. I told my mother that I HAD to have this game. It simply WAS the best game in the world. Pretty convincing for someone who hasn't played it yet, right? But here I am, 15 years later and still in love with what turned out to be a series that never failed my first impressions or childhood expectations. My home is littered with games, soundtracks, manga, jewelry, clothing, throws, scrolls, figures, signs and more things I can't even begin to keep track of... Even my car is adorned by a decal and my dog given our famed protagonist's name. Pretty much everything short of cosplay... can't very well do that until I finish machining my keyblade, right? I already live and breathe this series. I may as well share that with a community of people that understand and do the same on some level. Beyond the series? I've spent my life working in electronics, gaming, home theater and now Auto CAD. I pursue eventual success in the voice over industry (a passion planted by early years playing KH and FFX). I am a pretty artsy person; always loved to sketch, play piano and even sing sometimes. But ultimately I always try to think outside the box, because nothing inside of it likes me very much... or vise versa... blegh. So that's everything I believe I could potentially bring to this team in one aspect or another. This is one form of social media that I feed on daily, rather than the mind-numbing war zone that is... well... the rest of the internet. The more I can help someone trying to brighten up the web with awesome, fan based news, media and *cough cough* kingdomhearts *cough* - AHEM... The better. There you go. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your consideration. Tip your usher on the way out. Facebook is good: Dylan Kelley ( Yahoo is fine, too: Sora565 Here is also good? I'm around!