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  1. Unused models extracted from the game disc.
  2. From the Disney Lifestyle Collection, by ZOZOTOWN Rendez-Vous.
  3. Hey there, I'm Dylan or DK for short. Whew... how to NOT make this too bloated? I'll be frank. My impressionable 8 year old self was AWESTRUCK at first glimpse of the original Kingdom Hearts trailer that aired back in '02 on channels like Cartoon Network. I told my mother that I HAD to have this game. It simply WAS the best game in the world. Pretty convincing for someone who hasn't played it yet, right? But here I am, 15 years later and still in love with what turned out to be a series that never failed my first impressions or childhood expectations. My home is littered with games, soundtracks, manga, jewelry, clothing, throws, scrolls, figures, signs and more things I can't even begin to keep track of... Even my car is adorned by a decal and my dog given our famed protagonist's name. Pretty much everything short of cosplay... can't very well do that until I finish machining my keyblade, right? I already live and breathe this series. I may as well share that with a community of people that understand and do the same on some level. Beyond the series? I've spent my life working in electronics, gaming, home theater and now Auto CAD. I pursue eventual success in the voice over industry (a passion planted by early years playing KH and FFX). I am a pretty artsy person; always loved to sketch, play piano and even sing sometimes. But ultimately I always try to think outside the box, because nothing inside of it likes me very much... or vise versa... blegh. So that's everything I believe I could potentially bring to this team in one aspect or another. This is one form of social media that I feed on daily, rather than the mind-numbing war zone that is... well... the rest of the internet. The more I can help someone trying to brighten up the web with awesome, fan based news, media and *cough cough* kingdomhearts *cough* - AHEM... The better. There you go. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your consideration. Tip your usher on the way out. Facebook is good: Dylan Kelley (http://www.facebook.com/Sora565) Yahoo is fine, too: Sora565 Here is also good? I'm around!
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