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  1. Hey all, Game blogger here looking to get some feedback and input from the KH fan community. Linked an article and posted some art on this page: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/109709-an-article-about-islands-in-games-discussing-destiny-islands-in-kh1/ Thanks for reading and sharing if you do ^_^
  2. Hey there guys. I'm a longtime reader, former member of the KH13 community and game blogger. I'm looking to engage more with the fandoms of the games I write about and hopefully drum up some interest in my blog. A little while back I started a series of articles on how islands are used as settings in games, largely because I was born and raised on an island. For the second article I examined how islands are used as the introductions to games, and so focussed heavily on Destiny Islands (as well as a few islands from Zelda: Wind Waker). Here's a link to the article: Little Worlds Within Themselves Part 2 - islands as introductory segments within games I'd love to hear thoughts from you genuine fans of the series, as well as any ideas about the sorts of things from Kingdom Hearts I could write about in the future. Below's the image my partner made for the articles, featuring Link from Breath of the Wild being chased by an Octorok whilst K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing lounges in the sun. I hope you guys enjoy, feel free to comment with your thoughts and criticism
  3. Hey there KH13 community. Long time reader and former member. Looking to engage with the fandom and generate some ideas for my blog. Hit me up! ^_^

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